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Crowded Conditions

In conversation with Br Kennedy: The children have returned to school after the election break. The school is now welcoming more needy children and is struggling to make room for them.  The school population fluctuates, but is mostly on the increase. This month they are welcoming approximately 50 more students. The Lwanga School is home to about 100 live-in students and around 50 students live off the school grounds. This new influx of students is causing a severe housing problem. The students’ sleeping accommodations were already extremely crowded but now they have to double up on small camp bunk beds with barely enough room to squeeze between the beds. A new temporary shelter would cost about $400 dollars.

The dry season is ending and the students are starting to put in gardens. They will plant, kale, cow peas, beans, pumpkin, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes and other vegetables which will be a big help cutting down on food costs for 150 teenagers eat a huge amount! Another potential source of food will be rabbits, which the school will raise to use as food.


Out door class


Inside the classroom


Outside work

Return to school after election break.

Hi Colleen, I hope you are doing well over there, we are fine and things are going back to normal. The new students (these are in addition to students already enrolled last term) have reached 36 and we expect 14 others to come next week. The problem is now the space to sleep and the beds, as the current dormitories are full. Now I have started thinking on how I can build another dormitory when funds avail themselves. The children are happy and healthy, none has come back with any complication, we thank God. I also thank God for the Inverness County Cares for their generous support and our friends from Holland led by Berend and the Schwartz Business school (ST Francis Xavier University) for their interest in our project. I also thank you for being the manager our website which is now reaching so many people all over the world, you make us proud and happy. Nowadays I don’t strain too much for food for the children as before. (Inverness County cares has pledged to send $500 a month for food, for one year). Thanks for all our well wishers who are working very hard to make St. Charles Lwanga grow.


St Charles Lwanga Students with supplies generously donated by Berend De Boer and friends from Holland.


Webmaster: Br Kennedy called this afternoon during our Inverness County Cares meeting.  He says Kenya is quite calm so far and the children are returning to school on Monday. As a group we are working toward our goal of $500 dollars a month during 2013, which will provide food for the 150 + children at the school. Our group Inverness County cares is  working with the Schwartz School of Business at Saint Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. They will help us promote our website and use social media to our best advantage.
We are very encouraged by the generosity of the supporters of the St Charles Lwanga Children’s Centre. Many thanks for those who have donated, 100% of your donations will go to the Lwanga Children. Your donations are of great importance.  Tax receipts will be issued through the St Andrew’s parish in Judique. God Bless you.

Election Break

Brother Kennedy reports that most of the students have went to safe locations with some staying at school with the staff who have remained to take care of the school. Br Kennedy has gone to his hometown to vote. He reports that so far there is a calm atmosphere as they wait for the votes to be counted and the final tally announced. One candidate must have half the vote +1 in order to be declared elected. If this does not happen there will be a run off election in April.

Election Break

Many thanks for your support , most of students are home for the election which will be held on Monday the 4th of march.A few of the students have been left in the school where they engage in games activities and taking care of the school properties.
Please pray for a peaceful election.

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