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“Songs for Nairobi” concert at Dalbrae


Spoke with Br Kennedy today, he is excited about the ‘Songs for Nairobi” concert which will be held at Dalbrae High School tomorrow Wednesday night. Feature performers are Eddie Cummings and Peter MacInnis. The concert will take place at 7:00 AST. The school’s SHOW (Students Helping Our World) committee is sponsoring this event and their goal is to raise $500 dollars which will provide for the St Charles Lwanga School children for a month.
This week the children are on break but still struggling with their water supply. It is a never ending cycle. This week some of the students dug a latrine, ……..20 feet down. Now that is a long way. Shows how dry the land is.

Happy Birthday Br Kennedy on April 29th


Happy Birthday to Br John Kennedy. We wish you a great day and much happiness.
You have made huge changes in the lives of so many children and given them a chance to realize their dreams. Thank you Br Kennedy for all your efforts and for putting the needs of others before your own.
It is our wish that your school will thrive and receive the blessing of a well.

Have a wonderful day.

A Visit to Compassionate Hands Children’s Home 

Contributed by Br Kennedy: Today the children visited the ‘Compassionate Hands Children’s Home’ and even contributed part of their shopping, eg soaps, tissue papers, sweets etc. Some also helped in cooking potatoes which they carried from our store to them. They fed them, carried them, played with them. It teaches how compassionate, love and generous  the poor children can be. This is a home for children with disability which me and my students have offered to help. Berend also extends his support to them after I had introduced him to them, it is amazing grace. God bless the children all over the world.
My dear friends this coming Monday 29th April, I will be celebrating my 31st birthday, I thank God for all he has done to me especially giving me a bigger heart to accommodate the poor, the gift which gives me joy when represent the voice of the voiceless, that I may decrease and the poor may increase. I pray for strength and good health of body and mind so that I may be strong to continue to serve the poor faithfully. May bless all my friends all over the world, with their support this journey has not been very hard, may God bless you all and God bless the children of St.Charles Lwanga whom I serve.

Looking Forward to June 1st, Feast Day and a Birthday Party for Everyone.

Contributed by Br Kennedy: Hi My brothers and sisters, I hope you are fine.We are fine with the children. St.Charles Lwanga day is on first of June,  a day we celebrate our patron Saint Charles Lwanga. It also a day we celebrate all the birthdays of the children. It is a very important day in the life of the children as they also see the importance of their existence in this world.That day we will also have the guardians come and join with us to pray for the children and their well being and give them encouragement. Most children are orphans and some are from families who cannot manage to feed their children because of illness or lack of employment. The school tries to find guardians for the orphans, someone they can connect to, who can offer them stability and a sense of belonging. During this big birthday party, people come to visit the school and bring clothing, food and other items the children need. It is a very happy day for the students and they await it with anticipation.
Anyone wishing to send birthday presents to the children, can contact us through our webpage or use the donate button, under ‘How to Help’.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.God bless you my friend.
Br. John Kennedy

The Joy of Access to Clean Water

Someone just sent me this video of a village who have a new well (not St Charles Lwanga). What a powerful message concerning the joy, clean water can bring to a village.
The Coady Institute referred to in the video is where Br Kennedy studied when in Canada.
Check out their webpage.

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