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Songs for Lunches Concert

Many thanks to the organizers and performers of ‘Songs for Lunches’. The concert was a huge success with very talented and entertaining musicians. The girls were excited to receive a phone call from Br John Kennedy, thanking them for their generosity.
Inverness County Cares would like to express our gratitude to these young ladies. Thank you for thinking of the needs of the children of St Charles Lwanga School. Your contribution will make a huge difference in the lives of these students. We are pleased and proud to have such thoughtful and globally aware young people in our community.  


“We Act” members backstage after a very successful “Songs for Lunches” concert. Brittany, Siobhan, Katie, Allie, Shauna, Jordan.



Singing along with Nancy Hilton.

“We Day” Project

Songs For Lunches
A youth group in our community has chosen St Charles Lwanga School as part of their ‘We Act’ project.  
They will host a concert to provide funds for lunches for the St Charles Lwanga students. The concert will be held at the St Peter’s Parish Hall, Port Hood, Nova Scotia, Canada , August 18th, 7-9.

We are so proud of our young people for showing they care about our children in Nairobi. Many thanks.

Uganda Workshop

Bro John Kennedy Omondi is presently at the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga, Bannakaroli, Uganda.  He went by bus to Uganda, this trip took about 8 hours. Br John Kennedy will take part in workshops which will lead to his profession of vows, hopefully next year.

Bannakaroli Brothers information on Webspawner

More info on Wikipedia

School Update By Br John Kennedy.


The president of Nuestra Escuela, Mr. Justo Mendez, came to the school with a blast. He was highly welcomed by the students who were prepared to present songs, poems and kinds of entertainment.

Mr. Justo giving every child a greeting and a lovely smile of love.

The students spent time with him as they talked together, they got to share even some words  in Spanish and he got to get some Swahili words. Valuing the time spent on one on one with them, Mr. Justo, came to the school everyday for a week talking to groups of five to ten at most. He got to visit various places in the country too with  Bro. Kennedy Oronjo who represented the school well.  

Mr. Justo was later joined by his wife, who hugged every kid and spread laughter and joy to them. They came with food and drinks and hosted a mini party as they bid the students farewell. There was music and dancing and everyone was all smiles.

The roofing of the classroom commences

The classroom building that has taken long to be roofed as a result of lack of funds finally started off. So many well wishers sent funds for its completion and finally some light at the end of the tunnel is seen at last. The progress is steady and the students could likely start using this classroom soon.

The students have been taught a lot by their teachers and now is the time to assess their performance in school. Teachers have toiled to make sure that they are given the best of the best, now they are to see how effective they were. Examinations started off and all the students are seen busy revising, consulting and discussing around the school compound.

A foundation by the name Loreal, came by the school and gave career talk to the students and also involved students in activities like tree planting and painting of the classroom walls which made them feel useful. They then gave presents to the school like lotions and shower gels as the foundation is sponsored by Nice &Lovely.

MCDF, we had fun!! 
We thank you for every support you have given to our school and we look forward to what is in our future.

Yours Faithfully

Bro. John Kennedy O



Some of the presentations and the head girl giving a speech in front of Mr. Justo.


Mr. Justo all smiles as he tried on a traditional wear of the Maasai.


Dinner seems yummy.


Mr. and Mrs. Mendez at the school.


Mrs. Mendez taking notes of some Swahili words as taught by the students.


The roofing of the class room, the progress is fast!


Everyone danced to the beat how he/she saw fit…


The pictures show the students planting trees.


Gifts from Loreal,


Painting school walls

Visit to our School by Miss Linda and Friends from USA

Miss Linda from USA hopes to build a library for our school. She and friends came to our school and worked on art projects with students.

John MacInnis and Br Kennedy

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