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Back in Ruai

John and Mark have returned from a safari where they were wowed by the animal migration.  Seems they picked the very best time to got to the park. They went on to visit Br John Kennedy’s mother in her village. They have returned to the St Charles Lwanga School in Ruai where they will spend time at the school, assessing the needs and looking into a solution to the water crisis.
Pictures and updates will be posted as they become available.

Visitors at School

The terrorist attack at the Westgate mall has shaken everyone in the school, but school events are still going on, classes, debates and sports, as usual. Our heart goes out to everyone who was affected by the attack. We took some time to pray for the victims and those who were injured.
This week we had some visitors from Canada, Mr. John MacInnis and his son Mark (from Nova Scotia, Canada) representing  Inverness County Cares. They were at the school on Monday to visit the students, talk to them and encourage them. They also came to see the construction of the new building. The students presented songs, poems and skits to them showing their talents.
Sara, Sarah and Vincent are still working with the students and this week they made cards and some bead bracelets. They have also been doing sports with the students and played soccer. The volunteers are working closely with the teachers to help the students.


Inside of newly finished building

Short Update

Br John Kennedy, his guests, staff, volunteers and students are safe and doing well. Received a text from Br John Kennedy saying all is well and to expect an update soon, (with pictures we hope).


Theresa Mac Innis called and says John MacInnis, he and his son Mark have arrived in Nairobi and are at the St Charles Lwanga School. He has described the experience as overwhelming……the students, the school, the road conditions and just being in Kenya. He reports that the mall crisis is not affecting the school directly as they are quite a distance away from its location.

All is Well

Speaking with Br John Kennedy this morning, Atlantic Standard Time (AST) and all is well. He assures me that the trouble is quite far away across the city at a mall with very expensive stores.
Br John Kennedy will be meeting John and Mark Mac Innis from Inverness County Cares (ICC), this evening (AST) at the Nairobi airport. John and Mark will participate in many activities and will add to our understanding of the school and how it is run. We wish them well.

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