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Report from Nairobi


How are you? I hope this gets you well. We are very fine especially the children.
We are still admitting new students. We now have a lot of form ones, coming from different backgrounds. We now have around 35 new form ones and we are still expecting more of them by the end of this week.
We are also admitting children in the other classes, that is form 2 to 4. We are very happy about this though it brings along a lot of straining. Most of them come from poor backgrounds, from the slums of Dandora and others, so they seek survival help from us as we help where we can. They always look upon us on everything.
Due to this, we have increased consumption of food, little space in the dorms, and they have to squeeze for all of them to fit. It is a big challenge to us, as we have to accommodate all of them. We are even confused whether to take more borders than we have because of these problems, but still we have those who are begging us for support and help to their children. This is because they have no place to go, they live in the slums, they don’t have money, they have no hope and if their children don’t go to school, they fall into the evil behaviors through the influence of their community where they live in.
Thanks so much for your support and the new buildings that we have in our school. We have made them dorms although with less space as we have more students than the space available. Still, thanks so much for your care and support.
Brother John Kennedy and john Fischer went to Mukumu, Kakamega today for their retreat in preparation of their last perpetual vows which will be held on the 8th of February next month. We are still praying for them as a community wishing God’s blessings on them. They left Brother Bruno who will stay with us for this week when they are away.
Attached are photos of the new form one students, Bro. Bruno and Bro. Fischer and the new buildings in the school.
Again thanks so much and God bless.

New Student Orientation.

The St Charles Lwanga School is welcoming their new students. Orientation consists of telling them about the school, the programs offered and giving them their schedules. They are given the rules they are expected to abide by, a uniform, a games kit (gym clothes), and their everyday clothes. They are expected to tell about themselves, their family background and speak about their hopes and aspirations.
Brother John Kennedy is eagerly awaiting, his own special day, when he will profess his final vows as a Brother of St Charles Lwanga on February 8th.

New Students Have Arrived.

Br John Kennedy reports the new students have arrived. There is much excitement and happiness to be starting a new school term. The new buildings are being put to use. The classroom is set up in one and the other is being used for sleeping quarters. Despite the fact they don’t have bed frames they are content to have a nice mattress to sleep on. The school is so very grateful to their supporters.

Thank You to our Supporters.

This is to thank you for the sponsorship in building the two rooms for us. One is been used as a classroom and the other as a dormitory. The new students now have a place to study and sleep. We are very grateful to the Inverness County Cares, in Inverness County, Nova Scotia, Canada, for this and all their support and care.
We are also thankful to Berend and friends; PKN Church Putten and Kor en Trienke Postma who supported us with 25 desks and mattresses which will be used by the new students.

The photos below show the construction of the two new buildings, one to be used a dormitory and the other a classroom. The rest of the photos are of the arrival of the mattresses and the new desks whicl will be used to furnish the new buildings.

New Buildings, Desks and Mattresses

Brother John Kennedy can now sleep without worrying about where he will put his new students. In anticipation of the funds created by the recyclables accumulating in the trailer, set up at the corner in Port Hood, we were able to transfer $700 to his account to cover the cost of the new structures. He was able to access the funds Saturday morning and by the afternoon they had one building finished. The students are motivated workers and enthusiastically erected the building in a very short amount of time. 
Br John Kennedy was also excited to report that desks and mattresses were delivered, a gift from Berend and his people in Holland.  They are delighted to have the mattresses, despite the fact they don’t yet have bed frames.
Br John Kennedy called this afternoon, jubilant! He is thrilled to have accommodations and a classroom for the new students.  He will send pictures of the construction.
We applaud Br John Kennedy for his work with the students. The St Charles Lwanga School is a life changing influence in the lives of these children. It enables them to aspire to a much better standard of living and to use their skills to help their people.  
We send a sincere thanks you to the individuals and organizations who have contributed to this valuable project.

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