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February 27th, 2014

I hope you are fine. on the 22nd of this month, Saturday, we had a visitor Tabitha from Kenya. She brought us a lot of text books and the students were very happy. She came with different text books ranging from what we do in the syllabus to social books. It was a great help to us especially to the students because we had no books in the library, so it helped a lot. They are still not enough for us though they help a lot in the library.
On 24th, Monday, we also had visitors from the United States, Dr Kenneth Hood and His wife Polly Hood and Leah from Belgium, who were sent by Paul and Bay Foundation. Brother John received  them with a lot of happiness and it was a great joy to the Students and the whole Lwanga community.
We later received Naomi and Catherine from the United States. Catherine made a good relationship with the students that she even taught them how to dance. The children were very happy about it. we hope to receive more visitors.
Still on Saturday, some of the students and teachers went for football tournament which they were competing with other schools. They manged to win the game and came very happy and tired. We have students who got different talents,  some of them entertained the visitors on Monday with acrobatics, dances, poems and singing. It is always a great thing for them having visitors.
The students are starting their midterm exams tomorrow and today they are really revising for them.
Attached are photos of the books that came on Saturday, Photos of the students who went for the tournament, for the visitors who came on Monday, Dr. Ken Hood, Polly Hood, Leah Mitula, Catherine and Naomi. Photos of Catherine teaching the students some dancing moves.
Thanks a lot for your support.

St Charles Lwanga Student Story

Male Student
My name is ******** and I am *** years old. I schooled in *** primary in ********* County. I have a father but I have never seen him since I was in class three. My mother tells me that he ran away and abandoned us for another wife. I was used to live with my mother but the situation got worse and worse every day until I got to a point where my mother could not afford to pay for my school fees anymore. So when I was in class four my mother took me to live with my grandmother in ***** and she left to look for a job so that at least she can be able to pay for my school fees.
I lived with my grandmother and my two uncles (my mother’s cousins) who had been abandoned by their mother who had only come to visit them once yet she left them and promised to come back and visit them during Christmas and she never came back. We stayed together as a family; my mother could not afford to take care of all of us because she was not earning enough money in her job. My grandmother is too old (80 years old) and can hardly do farming.
At most times we slept hungry and wake early in the morning to go to school with our empty stomachs. In the year 2011 I was taken to a boarding school in ***. It was a hard survival without enough school fees and this made us to be sent home every time for school fees. After one year three months, I was taken back to *****  primary school because of the school fees problem. Still at ***** primary school my uncles and I could not afford to carry food for lunch time and so we stayed hungry during lunch breaks after missing breakfast and supper.
The teachers felt pity for us and brought us lunch sometimes, if it’s not for the teachers, I could have given up on life a long time ago. I thought God had forgotten about us and I found no reason for living. I finally did my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and scored very high marks despite the long hard survival and struggle. I hate and don’t like what my daddy did to us because I believe that with him maybe we could not have struggled this much. I want to see my dad again. I am at St Charles Lwanga for my secondary education and still laying my hope in God.
I am a form one and I hope to succeed in life so that I can help my mother in all her endeavors because she is really struggling for our survival.

A good Meal

How are you! i am sorry some of the pictures were not fully attached, pictures for 15th February during the brothers ceremony. We fed around 300 people, most of them being the poor from the  surrounding community, others being students and their guardians.
The disadvantaged were very happy to have something to eat after experiencing hunger most of the time.
They were cooked for different types of food and we were able to feed all of them to their satisfaction.
The lady in a yellow dress with black dots (yellow polka dot dress) is the Lwanga’s biggest helper and a great contributor to the Lwanga family. She always arranges for all the ceremonies, cooks and makes sure that all people are satisfied in terms of food. She really loves the kids and this brings a positive impact to the children and the community at large.

New People

Today’s report: The form fours are doing their pre mocks. (Pre mocks are the exams that are done before the main exams nation wide. They are done throughout the country…..) We are even hosting students from a neighboring school who have registered to do with us the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. We are also happy to say that  we have three more volunteers who have come to help the kids and the whole Lwanga community.We are still taking new students.
Attached are photos of the three new volunteers, form four students doing their exams, other students in class for their lessons and the belongings of the new students who came today.

Thanksgiving Day

On Saturday of 15th of February 2014 the St. Charles Lwanga community shared this day not only as the Day after the day of love of valentines day but they also shared their love with the community at large. This day was the Thanks Giving Day for the brothers, the school and the community at large. Bro John and Bro Fisher invited all parents,friends and some family members who reside in Nairobi and were not able to travel all the way to Kakamega where their were taking their perpetual vows into Catholic Brotherhood a week prior to this day.
They therefore had a celebration in the school compound so as to involve the whole community in this important decision in their life. On this day, guests arrived early as the day was started of with a a  very big celebration. People from different backgrounds especially the poor who reside around us, came to celebrate with us.
Different schools round us also came.Lunch was served for all and we were able to feed over 300 guests who had come from the community around with the help of friends, brothers and the community at large.On this day the students from St. Lwanga were able to share their academic and general welfare with their parents and teachers. There was also lots of music and dancing later for all the students and guests that were not shy to dance. Everyone seemed to enjoy this successful day.
Guests left very late as there was also dinner and drinks to be shared. It was a day  full of joy for St. Charles Lwanga and the Shule yetu community at Large.
Attached are photos of the whole ceremony.

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