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Connecting With Partners in Puerto Rico

Inverness County Cares (ICC) encourages partnerships with other organizations supporting the St Charles Lwanga School. Although we all maintain our own identity and financial affairs, working together toward a common goal strengthens our ability to obtain funding. The knowledge that a number of associations have confidence in the honesty and genuine need of the St Charles Lwanga School is a boost to our public image. Keeping this in mind, Colleen MacLeod, communications and web presence for St Charles Lwanga, paid a visit to Nuestra Escuela in Puerto Rico (with all expenses incurred covered personally by Colleen). This visit to our sister school was to promote cooperation between our organizations and provide a personal link between our two societies.  Nuestra Escuela proved to be all and more that we expected. A very personal organization helping youth at risk by giving them a second chance in a school environment tailored to fit their diverse needs. Classes are grouped by interest, instead of age or grade and given the opportunity to tailor their curriculum to their situation and interests. The organization employs between 60-70 people and about 30% are former graduates.

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St Charles Lwanga 2014 Graduation Class- Their Options

There are three semesters, at the St Charles Lwanga School, beginning in January. The students are now finishing their second semester. After their third semester the students write final exams.
From October 20 –November 11 all Kenyan students write the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations 
Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) is the national body responsible for overseeing national examinations in Kenya.
The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination is the exam which is written after students complete four years of study in secondary (high) school. After completing the exam, students are able to go to university or college depending on the grade he/she has acquired.
On completion of the KCSE the students are required to take a computer course $50, to equip them with the technological skills needed for their post secondary studies. This is necessary since the St Charles Lwanga students do not have significant computer skills, due to the fact they do not have technology in their school.
After this course they are ready to attend college or university.

The Next Challenge: Tuition
Technical college –  $300 per semester  1-2 years
University Diploma – $500 per semester – 2 years
University Degree -$900 per semester  – 4 years
As in Canada, Technical College students can go on to university after completion of an eligible technical course.
There are 3 semesters per year.

At the present time one student is ready to begin post secondary education. Twenty-three more will write their KCSE exams this fall.


My name is Esther Kaluki. Am born in a family of a single mother. My father died in the year 2010.I have been in St.Charles Lwanga for the last four years and have acquired education from form one and I am now sitting for my national exam this year  to enable me join college next year. Foremost, I would like to thank you all. For the next year I would like to be a news editor to support my needs and help the needy. I would appeal for your support to help me to go college and attain professional’s courses which will help me in future. I believe I would like to appeal that I will be able to help my brothers and my mother for my life had being transformed from acquiring education from St. Charles Lwanga and I would like the ones who are behind me to achieve the best.


My name is Ester Waithera and I have been in St. Charles Lwanga for four years and this is my last year of high school and come November am going to do my  final exams. First and foremost I would like to thank you for all the support that you have given to me and the other students who have been undergoing the same situation like mine wish to express my vote of THANK YOU to you.
After my final exam I would like to join a college and take a course in beauty therapy.  Whereby I kindly request for your support in order for me to achieve my goals to prosper in the future to come.
I would also want to you to assist my fellow brothers and sisters who are still to remain in the school for their better tomorrow
My life was not good before I joined St. Charles Lwanga some time back where I found a Good Samaritan “Brother John” who transformed my life to where it is together with your support. I hereby want to thank you once more because if it was not for your support my life could have been not as it is today better education. May you be blessed as you continue supporting our school


My name is Liz Mary Muthoni. I have been in St. Charles Lwanga for the last four years.  Am doing my final examinations, first and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for support of my education. I want to join college where I will be doing my course and achieve my goals by your support, am assuring you that I will make it. I appeal for your support in my studies so that I may achieve my goals in Fashion designer. I also appeal to you that you should continue supporting my fellow students those that I have left back to school continue with the same spirit and God will continue blessing you. I want my fellow students to see that my life has been transformed from acquiring education from St. Charles Lwanga. I would like them to be like me one day one time. God will bless the work of your hands.


My name is Gretel Kendi, now in form four, getting ready to do my (K.C.S.E) which here in Kenya is the last and final exams in high school. For me I have to thank you for what you have done for these school and because of your warm and generous heart, I have been able to be not only somebody but someone As one great man said who was Albert Einstein that “try not to become a man of success, but rather be a man of value” which encourages me every day.
Am a first born in our family which has not been easy due to many challenges of ups and downs but since I joined St.Charles Lwanga I have been able to acquire peace and sufficient love from my brother and sister and more so from Brother Kennedy who has been like a second father to me and the other students .He has shown us how to live like a family and because of your help we have been able get three meals a day.
I need your hand in going to university and pursue my dreams and for that come back to help others just like what good people like you have done for me since form one. If it was not for your kind heart I would not be where I am now, and that’s why am really begging you well-hearted people to help me.
Even after assisting me I would hope you won’t leave my brothers and sisters all alone. I hope you would still be assisting them in whatever way you can, because I love them to death.  As for Brother Kennedy he has been doing his level best to make us comfortable and this is because he loves us more than anything else, he has us and we have him and nothing can separate us from him.
As I request for your hand of support, I would be very happy for your positive response.
God bless you.


My name is Joseph Gitau. I have been in St. Charles Lwanga for the last four years, I have acquired the skills of education from form one and now  come November I will be   sitting for my National examination which will  enable me to join college come  next year. I take this chance to mostly thank you all.
Next year I would like to do Mechanical engineering to support my needs and help the needy. I would appeal for your support to go to college and help me attain my professional course which will help me in future.

God bless you.


My name is Lucy Wanjiru Kamau. I have been in St. Charles Lwanga for the last four years. I started  from form one and now I am in my final year  in form four waiting for my national exams which out of my results I will be able to  join college come next year. I would like to thank you all for the good job you have been doing to us.
Next year I would like to do Beauty therapy to  be able to support my daily up keep  and also help the street children. I appeal for your support to go to college and attain a certificate of my course which will help me in future.

Food Budget for May

We are most grateful for your continued support and generous contribution of 64,000 ($ 800) toward the purchase of food and water for the students. This is the budget that was used in the month of May. Many thanks to Inverness County and may our almighty God bless you.
The students helping in carrying the firewood from the lorry and having their ready-made food. Here are attached copies of the receipts, but at times we buy stuffs from local market where they don’t have receipts.
We appeal for your continuous support and and we also thank Berend for supplementing the budget by bringing us more food such as Maize, Beans , Rice and some school supply. We really need this support because the number of the students has increased and the budget has gone high, and with such kind of supplementation we may be fixed .God bless you abundantly for your support.
Thank you,
Here is a draft below:

Interested in Volunteering?

The St Charles Lwanga School is always in need of volunteers. A Nova Scotia, Canada teacher is interested in volunteering at the school during July of 2014, however she prefers not go alone. Is there anyone out there interested in making the trip with her? All costs of this trip are to be covered personally by each individual going to Kenya.
Please contact us if interested.

Fundraising for St Charles Lwanga School in the Netherlands

Boornbergum for Kenya! June 14 – 21
Boornbergum is a small village in the province of Friesland, Netherlands with a population of nearly 1700 people.
In 2011, a group of enthusiastic villagers embarked on a journey to help the less fortunate. Their initial mission was a week-long charity drive to raise money for Kenya.  Their campaign was very successful and a large amount of money was obtained for the children of the Masai Mara. The funds went toward a foundation, which is building a school.
After such a successful 2011 campaign, it was decided to launch another effort in 2013 to support the St Charles Lwanga School, Nairobi, Kenya.
A group of about 12 people have been working since November 2013 to set up an exciting week of activities.
It is our belief, as an organization, that every child has a right to a safe home, education and above all a good place to sleep. Some volunteers have been to Kenya and have seen that help is always welcome there. Therefore, from June 14 to June 21, 2014, Boornbergum will be thinking of and working for Kenya.
Every night that week there will be theme evenings including a women’s evening, night market and also a guy’s night. During all of these evenings we will try to generate money for the St Charles Lwanga Children’s Centre Secondary School.
Saturday will be the Grand Finale day with a big party in the town square. The total of all the money raised will be announced at that time.
With the funds raised we hope to construct a dormitory so that the children can get a good night’s sleep at the St Charles Lwanga School.
This is our goal, we are Boornbergum for Kenya!

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