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Board of Governors St Charles Lwanga School.


Mr. Irungu
Mama Mwangi
Dr. Chege
Josephine Ngotho
Roselyne Adhiambo
Wairimu Mary
Sr. Ageneslucy Lando (Dr)
Bro. John Kennedy.
Bro.John Fischer


Septic Pumping

We are thankful to the well-wishers for their generous heart for lending a hand to our school at large in the costing of emptying our toilets. We are glad to let you know that the exhauster came and emptied the three toilets we have in our compound.
The exhauster cost $180 Canadian dollars to the three toilets which has an exchange rate of Ksh70 per Canadian dollar.
One of the drivers to the exhausters helping in connecting the drainage pipe to the toilet.
And as you can see our toilets are not in good conditions  you can see from the pictures and therefore we appeal to our well- wishers and volunteers to help in the raising funds in building up good and hygienic toilets and bathrooms to our boys and girls.
This is our boy’s toilet
This toilet belongs to the staff which by the look is not in good condition some of the stones have worn out and this can make it collapse which is too dangerous to us and the students.
This toilet belongs to our girl’s.
Attached are more pictures to the boys and girls bathrooms and also you can see they are in unhygienic condition that they can cause diseases to our students due to the stagnant water which cause water borne diseases thus leading to spread of mosquitoes leading to malaria to our lovely students. They are also congested due to the small space and they are forced to bathe group by group because we are privileged to have many students 200 in number.
Thank you.

The New Stoves. 

P.O.BOX 606 – 00158
St. Charles Lwanga Children Centre secondary school administration would like to thank The Dalbrae SHOW committee so much for your humble acceptance to fund the construction of the modern energy saving stoves. Being among the most important structures in the Martha’s kitchen (kitchen donated by Sisters of Saint Martha, Antigonish, NS, Canada), the stoves preserves energy, are a source of good and nutritious food that is hygienically prepared. The Centre has been lacking proper energy saving stoves which has led to some problems hindering the progress of the kitchen work such as;
1. Late preparation of food
2. Much accumulation of smoke affecting our cooks
3. Much consumption of firewood.
The above shortcomings came to an end when the SHOW groups humbly accepted and gave a hand to our school. We are much thankful and our cooks and students can’t hide the joy they have towards this.
i)  Preparation of  food on time
ii) No more accumulation of smokes
iii)No much consumption of firewood (sometimes $10 a wheel barrow load)
Our cook and students are sharing the joy and they are helping in preparing their
The amount received from SHOW GROUP was $2,000 dollars which had an exchange rate of ksh85 per dollar totaling up to Ksh 170,000. The energy saving stoves consumed   Ksh 150,000 which has been supported by the attached receipts.
We   bought two stoves of different sizes, one of 50litres which costs Ksh 60,000 amount equivalent to 705.9 dollars and another one of 100litres that costs Ksh 90,000 amount equivalent to 1058.8dollars.The 50litres stove will be used to fry cabbages, kales and beans while the 100litres stove will serve in cooking Ugali, a mixture of maize and beans and rice
The remaining Ksh20, 000 amount equivalent to 235.3 dollars was used to pay the K.C.S.E exam fee of three students.
The attached are more pictures showing how happy and exited the students were when the stoves were delivered they helped a lot in offloading them.
Thanks and God bless you abundantly.

One Birthday For All

Dear friends, I hope this message finds you well. This year’s birthday of the children is celebrated on 14th of June next month, the children are already prepared waiting for the party with songs and dances, for this day to be successful, I appeal for your donations for food, gifts, cakes, decorations, cloths, books, blankets, playkits, cards etc to make this day. Last year we had 120 kids this year we have 200 and therefore our budget rose from 900dollars to 1200dollars. This day comes once a year and donations go directly to help the children and it is important in their life because it makes them look like other children also from other able families, it also boosts their self esteem and well being. We will appreciate any contribution. I want to wish you well as you join us to celebrate the gift of life of these miracle children. Blessings

The Future is Bright – Our Wonderful Young People.

As friends, family, and community we want to express our thanks and say how proud we are of our young people. These three Groups of Students have generously contributed significant amounts of money to the St Charles Lwanga School which have resulted in major improvements at the school.
St. Stephen’s-Jubilee United Church of Canada youth group picture will be added soon.


Dalbrae Academy Students Helping Our World (SHOW ) committee.


The WE ACT student Group

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