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Boornbergum on Face Book

Our generous friends in Boornbergum, Netherlands, have a Facebook page.
Boornbergum voor Kenia
Check it out, it’s in Dutch but you can translate using Bing, Google or any online translator.
Make sure you ‘like’ their page.


Latrine Situation.

There is urgent need for a more efficient and safe sanitation system to serve the students of the Lwanga School. At the moment there are only three latrines for the 200 students. One latrine is structurally unsound and in need of repairs to prevent it from cracking at the supporting base and plunging 20 ft/6 meters into the pit below filled with sewage. The Kenyan ministry of health monitors sanitation and there is a good possibility that after the next inspection they will close the school until the repairs are made and a sufficient number of latrines are built to comfortably accommodate the school population.
To remedy the situation and provide adequate sanitation services two new latrines need to be constructed and the unsafe one repaired. We need one more for boys and one more for girls each with two doors to ensure there are sufficient services so the students need not be standing in line for the latrines.
Excavation of the pit below and the construction of the building above will cost $2000 Canadian funds for each latrine. Renovation of the existing unsafe latrine will cost $500 Canadian.  Total project expenses $4500 Canadian.

Below are some pictures of the present latrines and their construction two 1-2 years ago. Hopefully new ones built safely.

A Huge Thank You to  Boornbergum

Congratulations to the people of Boornbergum, a small village in the province of Friesland, Netherlands. Their fundraising campaign Boornbergum for Kenya! was held June 14–21, 2014 and has raised a grand total of €34.349,68 = $50,239.84. This is a remarkable amount for a small village. The proceeds will enable them to build a prefab dormitory in the Netherlands and send it to St Charles Lwanga School in Kenya via container for assembly. The structure will sleep 64 students in comfort. St Charles Lwanga School and all their partners congratulate the people of Boornbergum for this remarkable effort. Thank you so much!

Find Boornbergum on Face Book 
at ‘Boornbergum voor Kenia’

Lwanga Update

Update on St Charles Lwanga School and Friends.
The St Charles Lwanga School has now reached an enrolment of 200, a number which Br Kennedy feels is the limit of students he can accept under the present conditions at the school.
Boornbergum for Kenya! June 14 – 21:
Boornbergum is a small village in the province of Friesland, Netherlands with a population of nearly 1700 people. After a successful campaign in 2011 to help Masai Mara, Kenya, the people of Boornbergum decided to launch another effort in 2013 to support the St Charles Lwanga School, Nairobi, Kenya. Committee members have been working since November 2013 planning an exciting week of activities. Every night from June 14-21 there will be theme evenings and Saturday June 21st will be the Grand Finale Day with a big party in the town square. With the funds raised, the Boornbergum citizens expect to construct a dormitory so the children at the St Charles Lwanga School can get a good night’s sleep. We congratulate our Dutch friends for their energy and generosity.
(June22, 2014) A message from Holland concerning their week of fundraisig: “To all those who in any way have helped make, it super thanks!! This action was a success, without you this huge amount would not have been possible! Why are we fighting for Kenya? Because every child in the world deserves to have “home” to feel safe and are entitled to education. This all starts with a good place to sleep…..therefore, the goal of sleeping accommodation for street children in Nairobi.”
Total funds raised this past week in Netherlands  €34.349,68 = $50,239.84 Canadian
Stoves: The schools are now using the two new stoves contributed by the Dalbrae High School, SHOW committee, Mabou, NS, Canada. They are housed in the Martha’s kitchen, built by the generous contributions of the Sisters of St Martha, Antigonish, NS, Canada. The stoves were constructed in Kenya for the Lwanga School and use less wood and are much more efficient than the open fire previously used to cook meals. The stoves came with two pots, which fit on top of the stoves, 100 L and the other 50 L.
ICC Fund raising: A utility trailer will be parked in Port Hood, NS this summer, as a place where people can donate recyclables for the SCLS. NVERNESS COUNTY CARES (ICC) is planning their second Pizza party in August, to raise funds for the Lwanga School.
Rain Water Collection Project: Living Water Africa (LWA) is an organization based in the UK, set up in memory of Samantha Verschueren. After witnessing water poverty first hand during a trip to Mombasa, Kenya in 2008, Samantha shared with her family a deep concern for this appalling problem. Following her passing in 2009, Living Water Africa was set up in her loving memory. ICC is currently working with LWA to provide the Lwanga School with a safe, reliable, economical, source of water. We are happy to report, the necessary preliminary business paperwork has been taken care of and the rainwater project is set to begin. Rainwater will be collected as it runs off the school building roofs and stored in a new 50,000 L cistern. The project includes five partners: Living Water Africa is contributing funding and organization of the rainwater project, the Kisoboka Trust will provide engineering expertise, the Kenya Rainwater Association will supply materials and on-the-ground know-how, SCLS will deliver day to day management of the project and we at Inverness County Cares will offer communication support. We are so grateful for this precious gift of water.
Nuestra Escuela:  ICC member Colleen MacLeod spent two weeks this spring visiting the Nuestra Escuela schools, (expenses covered personally). This visit to our sister school in Puerto Rico, was to promote cooperation between our organizations and provide a personal link between our two societies.  Nuestra Escuela helps youth at risk by giving them a second chance in a school environment tailored to fit their diverse needs. Classes are grouped by interest, instead of age or grade and students are given the opportunity to adapt their curriculum to their situation and interests. The organization employs between 60-70 people and about 30% are former graduates. It is the desire of Nuestra Escuela to introduce their education model to the St Charles Lwanga School (SCLS) and modify the program to cultural values of the SCLS, with the hope they can transfer this model to other East African schools.
Latrines: ICC provided SCLS with funds for septic pumping to empty three latrines, which desperately needed pumping. The school of 200 students plus staff is functioning with just three latrines and with one of questionable safety.
Scholarships: The students sent some thank you notes and biographies telling of their ambitions when they graduate. One student has applied to an educational institution and is awaiting acceptance. He will then apply to the Kapadia Education Foundation for a scholarship.
Inverness County Cares is now incorporated as a society. Currently we are cooperating with St Andrew’s Parish in Judique, to provide donors with taxation receipts.  We are presently working on obtaining our own charitable status so we can issue the receipts directly from ICC.
Possible help/partnerships:  John Gillies and Colleen MacLeod are communicating with Dr. Ken Hood of Vermont. He became familiar with the SCLS when he was sent an observer to the SCLS by the Bay and Paul Foundation. He has mentioned the possibility of assistance for the SCLS, from people in Vermont.
Mosquito Nets: Mosquito nets are an important safety feature in the area where the school is located. The children sleep without nets, making them vulnerable to malaria. Attaining netting a high priority on the Lwanga lit of needs.
Thank you to Sisters of Notre Dame at St.Joseph Convent/ Renewal Centre Mabou, NS, Canada for their donation. ICC has provided the sisters with a poster telling about the school. They have posted it in the convent with SCLA brochures and a donation box.
Thank you to Zutphen’s for the donation box they set up at their company pig roast. The Zutphen construction company held a free pig roast for residents of Windsor area, where they are constructing windmills. A donation box was on site and visitors gave generously. 
Halifax Chronicle Herald article: We were front-page news in the Halifax Chronicle Herald (Nova Scotia provincial daily paper) on Easter Monday. From this story by Bill Spurr, we received substantial donations and a lot of recognition. A spin off was an invitation for an interview from Ken Kingston at the Antigonish X –FM radio station, NS, Canada.
Inverness Oran, weekly newspaper: Thank you to the Oran for their excellent coverage of events at the Lwanga School.
We at ICC, wish to thank all our ST Charles Lwanga partners as we all work toward the same goal…a better life and brighter future for the Lwanga children.

Thank you ‘Living Water Africa’

St Charles Lwanga School, Inverness County Cares and our international partners are celebrating the beginning of a rainwater collection project, which will supply The St Charles Lwanga School with a dependable, clean and economical water supply. This will pave the way for a garden, chickens and improved sanitation. The rainwater collection project was made possible because of the generosity of Living Water Africa, an organization based in the UK.  We collectively express our gratitude for your interest in the well being of our brothers and sisters in Kenya. Thank you a million times.

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