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Dormitory Progress

The dormitories are donations from the good people of Boornbergum a town in the Netherlands.
Below you can see that the 2 containers for transport to Kenya have arrived by now. It is partly the casco building made of sandwich panels. This is something is not or barely made in Kenya. All goods used in the construction are necessary and to obtain in Kenya are to be extracted as much of the local market in Kenya. So that also the local entrepreneur benefits from this project. (Translated by Bing from Dutch)

In the meantime, they started making the Foundation in Kenya where the build building on will be placed. (Translated by Bing)


We received a 5000litre water tank from Kenya Rainwater Association (KRA) as shown in the photo and we are grateful to them.
The contractors have already started digging the floor of the new dormitories and we thank Berend for his support.The students are happily viewing the site of the new dormitory as shown in the photo.
On the progress of the Water project, the contractors are almost done with building the foundation and we thank the Living Water Africa.

Rainwater Project


Attached are photos of the contractors building the foundation

Water Project Report


St Charles Lwanga fraternity would like to thank the Living Water Africa for humbly accepting and giving a hand to our school through funding the water project.
The primary goal of this water project is to eliminate the need for the children to carry in water from beyond school premises. This will bring benefits in terms of increased security for the children and free them from potential long term health issues which can be associated with water carrying. It will also eliminate the need for the children to take time off from studies to carry water, and allow them to help with other projects around the school.
A secondary goal is to provide sufficient water to allow the cultivation of some vegetable crops. This will reduce the school food bill, provide for a more varied diet, and may also provide some additional revenue if there is surplus which can be sold.
Kenya Rainwater Africa (KRA) is the prime contractor on this Water Supply Project, organizing the design and construction activities. We are grateful for their support.
Attached are photos of the place where the tank will be placed;
The contractors have already started digging the foundation.
We have received some construction materials from KRA. Some of these include:
i) A 5000litre water tank as shown;
i)i Two lorries of sand;
iii) Cement;
iv) Two lorries of building stones;
v) Wire mesh;
vi) PVC pipes;
vii) Supporting props/Formwork
viii) Reinforcing bars
Thank you and God bless you.

Progress Report

St. Charles Lwanga Children Centre Secondary school administration would like to thank the Inverness County Cares from Canada for their humble acceptance to fund the renovation of one of our student’s latrine.
This renovation will solve the dangerous risk of collapsing and falling of the latrine.
We would like to inform you that the renovation is ongoing and we are very grateful for your support and the students can’t hide their joy towards this.
Attached are photos of the new look of the latrine with a photo of our students helping in painting the latrine.
On progress of construction of the students’ examination hall, the school ordered some building materials. The Inverness county has also contributed some money for buying building materials for this hall and we thank them for their support.However, we lack 5,000 dollars so that the hall may be ready by 24th October. We kindly appeal for the support of well-wishers in order to achieve this.
A lorry of building stones which the school ordered (picture)
A photo of iron rods for construction of the hall (picture)
On progress of the water project, the constructors have already started digging the foundation and we thank the Living Water Africa for funding this project.
Attached is a photo of the constructors digging the foundation
We thank the president of Nuestra Escuela (Yusto) for their continued support  for the salary of five qualified teachers who are working hard to improve the performance of our students, and also to improve the model of Shule Yetu.
Attached is a photo of the president of Nuestra Escuela with our Director Bro. John
We are very grateful for your support. God bless you.

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