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Construction Aug 28th

St Charles Lwanga School is a busy site. The dining/examination hall is going up fast.

Working hard

The work men are working hard building the new dining/examination hall. The water collection tank is getting a roof.


The St Charles Lwanga school is a very busy place. Construction has started up again on the water tank after a two week curing period. The foundation for the dormitory is taking shape and the dining/examination hall is going up quickly.

A Busy Place

There is lots of activity ay the St Charles Lwanga School. The Living Water  Africa Rainwater project is underway and the large rainwater storage tank made of brick has been sitting for two weeks while the mortar between the bricks dries. They will then build a cover for the tank.
Inverness County Cares has just sent funds to build an examination/dining  hall. Construction has already started on this project.Inverness
The village of Boornbergum, Netherlands have provided the funds for a 64 person dormitory which will be constructed pre fab in the Netherlands and shipped by container to Kenya. The foundation of the dormitory is presently being constructed.
View activity on the link below.

Pizza Sale in Port Hood, NS, Canada 

Many thanks to the 40-50 people who helped make the pizza sale a huge success. We sold 335 pizzas! We also want to thank our community members for their generous support of this worthy cause. Thank you also to Ted and Hermina Van Zutphen and family for their help and allowing us to take over their home and turn it into pizza central.

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