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September 17th, 2014. Progress Report on St Charles Lwanga School.

The students were happy to be back to school, this was seen on their joyous faces. They have already done their first exam after opening and they are now going on with their normal schedule of studying.   The Form Fours are in class with Bro. Kennedy who is helping them to revise for their examination. The Form Fours are studying hard for their National examination, which will begin on 22nd October.
Our Director, one students and a teacher have been sponsored by Green Across the Pacific ( to attend The Global Youth Leadership Conference. Their passport and visa processing are in progress. Below are photos of the student, the teacher, the administrator and the director who will be traveling before the end of this year.
The multi-purpose hall has been roofed so far thanks to Inverness County Cares. The children of St. Charles Lwanga are very happy and they have already started using it, this shows how enthusiastic they have been waiting for it. The hall will be used as a dining hall and examination hall. The hall is named after Inverness County Cares. The things remaining are the windows, doors and painting of the wall, which we hope that will be finished when the funds present themselves. Below are photos of the multi-purpose hall. The concrete tank is complete and ready for use and they are now working on raising the 5,000 litres tank. We thank the Living Water Africa (  for funding this project. This is a very big step we have made in our school.
Last Saturday on 13th September Br. John was accompanied by three teachers back to his community in Homabay, to mobilize the community members to fund raise towards the roofing of the community church. The church comprises of elderly people who cannot reach the Parish and they were very happy and brought what they had including chicken and goats for sale in order to get the funds. Below are some of the photos of the fundraising.

Food For August 2014

The entire St .Charles Lwanga administrations are much thankful for your (Inverness County Cares) monthly support of our food programs. We received a total of 800 dollars which is equivalent to Ksh 64000 towards the purchase of food and payment of the water bill .

September 18th, 2014

Hi my friends that’s where the constructions have reached. The technicians are at their finishing stage.Thanks for your generous contributions.The St.Charles Lwanga is taking shape at a high speed. Bravo
All are blessings. The construction of the floor is on and the Netherlands people will be visiting on Friday especially Siemen and Berend who organized a fundraising for the dormitory. We are waiting with joy.

Dining/Examination Hall

Last week we received guest they were representatives from Crown The Child Foundation. They work with the Chalice Foundation who are good friends of the school. They came to find out more about our school after hearing about what we do. It is our hope that their visit will eventually lead to them working with St. Charles Lwanga Children Center Secondary School.
There has also been a lot of construction going on in the school compound and so many deliveries of the material being done as the pick-ups and Lorries come in and out of the compound. The construction of the tank is done and the dining hall is being roofed.
When the construction of this hall is done, it will eliminate some of these problems;
Students eating from their classes will be a thing of the past in St. Charles Lwanga Children Centre Secondary School. When the construction of this hall is done, it will eliminate some of these problems.

John Hiers’ Trip to Kenya

John Hiers visited Kenya this past summer 2014 and the St Charles Lwanga school this past summer.  To see a glimpse of his visit to the Lwanga School click this link.

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