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News from Friesland, Netherlands

Check out the Dutch website for many pictures on the Lwanga dormitory construction.
Many thanks to our good friends in Friesland Holland/Netherlands.

The Dutch Containers are Loaded with Un-assembled Dormitories for Lwanga School.

The time has come … the containers are loaded! Tonight a full photo coverage on

Visit with Mary Anne Mac Kinnon

St Charles Lwanga School was pleased to have a visit from Mary Anne MacKinnon of *Chalice. She is investigating the possibility that Chalice may be able to provide some assistance to the St Charles Lwanga School.
*Chalice is a Nova Scotia, Canada,  based, Catholic organization dedicated to help the underprivileged. A contribution of $33 per month provides educational support, nutrition, medical care and other needs to your sponsored friend and their family. Children’s needs vary from site to site and from country to country, and their staff in the field know the needs of families and communities, and are the best equipped to ensure children and families get the help they need.
In the past fiscal year, Chalice sent 92.2 percent of funds received to help children and families in need.

Exam Time

This is the hall and those are form4 doing their final exams, though we still lack the windows and the doors and also electricity and the smooth floor. That’s where the funds received were used. It is of great help as it can accommodate all the students as per now.
Blessings Inverness County Cares, it is true that you really care for us.

October 19th, 2014

Pictures of the children in their new hall, still more work needed.

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