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Examination Fees due Feb 15th, 2015

Dear Friends of St Charles Lwanga School;
This year during October-November 36 form 4 (Grade 12) students who will sit for their 2015 national exams. To register for these exams we need $600 dollars to pay to government. If these fees are not paid by February 15th 2015 the penalties will double the cost, making the fee $1200.

New Desks From Boornbergum, Holland

30 new Desks for Lwanga students , a gift from ‘Boornbergum  Voor Kenya’. Many thanks to our generous Dutch friends.

Happy Days!!! Dormitories En Route And Hall Ready For Use 

The sea containers (2) are ready in Friesland  for transport to Rotterdam – Mombasa – Nairobi I hope they will  be there by the end of February or the  beginning March.
Berend de Boer.
The containers are filled with the components of a 64 person dormitory and their destination is the St Charles Lwanga School.
Thank you to the kind and generous people of Friesland, Netherlands.
The Inverness County Hall is complete and we at Inverness County Cares are very proud to see the completion of this wonderful building. The students have finished painting the building and the sign.

New Hall

The week started well with the finishing of the Multipurpose Hall taking place in the school. The hall has been plastered, floored and our children helped in the painting.
The windows and the door have been fixed, electricity installed. Our children are very happy at this achievement because they will use the hall as a dining hall, instead of taking their meals in their class or under the hot sun. The hall will also be used for classes, meetings and as an examination hall.
We thank the Inverness County Cares for funding this project.
Below are some photos of the multipurpose hall.
The school is also in urgent need of the latrines and bathrooms due to the increase number of students and the already existing latrines are not in good condition and this is a threat to their health and privacy.  For better sanitation, we would like to construct better latrines and bathrooms.
We appeal to well wishers to help us construct more and better latrines and bathrooms for better sanitation of the school and the children at large.
This is the current situation of the latrines and bathrooms in our school. (See Pictures below)
The internal exams are ongoing and our students are working hard to pass because this will also determine their overall marks at the end of term.
These are our pioneer students who sat for the KCSE exams last year 2014 with our Director Bro. John Kennedy Oronjo

An Appeal 

Dear friends of St.Charles Lwanga, this year we have 36 students who will sit for their national exams this year .For them to register for this exams 600 dollars is needed to be paid to the government. I want appeal to you and the well wishers to help us register them for this exam which will mark their completion of high school. I would also like to register my sincere thanks to you for what you are doing to give the children this golden opportunity and also for those who helped us last year to register the last year’s form 4s,deo gratias, may we continue working together to reach out to the less fortunate and the unloved.
I also promise to remain faithful to the service of the poor,I will always be their mouth piece to defend them and give them the opportunity to be like other children.

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