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SCAW (Sleeping Children Around the World) Visit to St Charles Lwanga School

During the month of February Bob Barclay and the Canadian team of Sleeping Children Around the World ( were in Kenya distributing 4,000 bed kits to needy children in the Nairobi area. While there, they took the opportunity to pay an initial visit to the St Charles Lwanga school. They were tremendously impressed with the work carried out by Bro Kennedy and his staff and subsequently provided the school with funds to purchase 200 chickens for an agriculture program. The students made a sign SCAW Roost 2015 for the chicken coop.  In addition they also agreed to sponsor 2 students, providing them with their basic needs and school supplies.
Many thanks for your generosity.


First Inverness County Cares Community Dinner

Sunday evening, Feb 8, Inverness County Cares (ICC) hosted a community dinner at the home of Harvey and Janet Van Zutphen in Dungary, Port Hood, Nova Scotia, Canada. ICC hopes to promote community spirit by providing an opportunity for members to meet socially and become more acquainted with their neighbors. At the same time we will provide for the needs of our special children in Kenya. Proceeds from the dinner will provide ICC with the funds necessary to fulfill their commitment of $800 per month to supply the 285 students at St Charles Lwanga School (SCLS) with food for a month. Committee members, Flo Campbell, Janet Van Zutphen and Colleen MacLeod, prepared dinner with 18 people being served. Guests were given an overview of the school story as they enjoyed spanakopita , salad, squash soup, pork loin with roasted vegetables and Duchess Potatoes.  Dessert was cream delight with specialty coffees to top off the evening.
SCLS provides shelter, food and a place to call home for about 285 orphaned, homeless or abandoned children. The school rescues these children from the dumps and slums of Nairobi and gives them a chance to gain an education and end the cycle of poverty and homelessness.
ICC works with international partners to support SCLS. Five ICC members have visited SCLS and many of our international partners have made inspection visits. ICC is very pleased with the progress being made at the school and congratulate Br Kennedy on his excellent work as administrator of the school.
ICC hopes to continue this community dinner series and bring people together for a pleasant evening of food and good company and also support our school in Africa.  Please contact us for more information or if you wish to host an event with ICC members.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” – John Bunyon


Thank you Erin and Grace.

In 2014 Dr. Ken Hood of Burlington, Vermont was visiting the St Charles Lwanga School (SCLS) in Nairobi, Kenya as an observer for the Bay and Paul Foundations. He was so impressed and moved by what he saw at SCLS that when he arrived back home in Vermont, he immediately began to work toward informing his friends and colleagues about the situation and needs of the school. 
SCLS provides homeless and abandoned children with a safe place to live, a reliable source of nutritious food and the opportunity to gain high school education with the possibility of post secondary education. They are rescued from the slums, the streets and dumps of Nairobi and given the opportunity to be successful productive citizens of Kenya. To accomplish this their headmaster Br John Kennedy Oronjo, depends on the generosity of many friends of St Charles Lwanga School.
Grace Darrow and Erin Fishell students at Peoples Academy Middle Level School in Morrisville, Vermont ( heard of SCLS when Br, Kennedy attended the Green Across The Pacific conference ( hosted at the University of Vermont in October of 2014. Their teacher Casie Grossman attended the conference and she met Br Kennedy and some of the school’s international supporters. She brought the SCLS story to her students and they immediately felt a need to make a difference for the school. Through fundraising activities that included a bake sale and many donations they were able to raise $600 for the school.
Their contribution came at a time when Br Kennedy was very worried about how he was going to pay the $600 fee for the final exams the Form 4 (Grade 12), will write in the fall of 2015. The deadline for the exam fee is February 15, 2015. After this time, the late penalties will double the fee to $1200. When we received word that the students were going to contribute the funds for the exam fees many of us were sleeping better at night, especially Br Kennedy.
We are so impressed with the sense of social justice exhibited by these wonderful middle school students. Their wisdom and maturity is a testimony to their parents, their school and their community.
God bless you all, you have made a miracle happen. 


Erin Fishell (left) and Grace Darrow (right) with a cheque representing the funds they raised to help the St Charles Lwanga School in Nairobi, Kenya.

Thank you to Living Water Africa

In appreciation of the wonderful gift of water provided for us by LIVING WATER-AFRICA, UK
On behalf of St. Charles Lwanga children’s Centre, I take this opportunity to thank you for supporting us. I sincerely thank you for constructing a water tank for us. The water harvesting project has been a blessing to all of us.
The water project has been very helpful to the students and staff of St. Charles Lwanga children’s Centre. It provides clean adequate water for domestic use. We drink, wash cloths, take shower, wash classrooms and maintain the school garden. Now we don’t have to walk long distances to fetch water from wells and surrounding rivers.
Additionally, the tank has transformed the school farm. We are able to grow vegetables using the available water. The school intends to practice agribusiness using the stored water. Through this the school will be able to get income and support needy students.
Again, thank you for your support to needy Kenyans. We appreciate the assistance that your generous organization continues provide to people of low income who are in need water access. May God bless you all.

Yours faithfully,

Geoffrey Ong’ondo
(School captain)


Thank You to Inverness County Cares

I’m writing to express my sincere gratitude for the multi – purpose hall project.  St. Charles Lwanga children’s Centre family is very grateful for this great project. Thank you for supporting facility development in our school. The Hall is a blessing to all of us.
The multi – Purpose hall has been very helpful to the students and staff of St. Charles Lwanga children’s Centre. We use the hall as our dining hall. We are very proud to take food in the hall rather than taking it from outside. This has improved the sanitation level in the school.
Additionally, the hall is the main conference facility for the school. We hold meetings prayers and events in the hall. The hall is spacious and all students, parents and teachers can fit in the hall. Thus we are able to congregate and discuss educational and religious issues in the hall.
We hold academic discussions and debate in the hall. Through these intellectual activities we are able to generate knowledge for the benefit of students and the society at large. Actually our academic performance and speaking skills have improved since this hall came to place.
Indeed, thank you so much for your continuous support to infrastructure development in our school. We love the people of Nova Scotia. May God bless you.
Yours faithfully,

Sheila Amimo. (School Head girl)


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