Month: April 2015

Happy Birthday Br Kennedy on April 29th.


Variety Show at Dalbrae Academy, Mabou, NS, Canada

Variety Show
May 13, 7:00 Dalbrae Academy

Melissa Cummings and the SHOW  (Students Helping Our World) group will host a variety show in support of the St Charles Lwanga School in Nairobi, Kenya. Come to show your support, enjoy an evening of young talent, and perhaps win a door prize.

Community Dinner for Lwanga SChool

We at Inverness County Cares want to express our heartfelt thanks to our dinner guests this evening. Your generosity is very heartwarming.
On Saturday evening April 25, Inverness County Cares held their second community dinner. Thirty-one guests were in attendance and all enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Ted and Hermina Van Zutphen.
The menu included fresh Mexican Salsa, Debbie Mac Donald’s delicious Hors d’oeuvres, Ted’s Dutch meatball soup, Sri Lankan chicken, endive boats, French cut green beans, the best creamy cauliflower ever, jasmine rice, chewy brownies and homemade Dutch yogurt with fresh berries, followed by after dinner specialty coffees, tea and after dinner drinks.
We wish to thank all involved in the planning, preparation, serving and clean up. A sincere thank-you to Master Chef Debbie Mac Donald for the awesome hors d’oeuvres, which disappeared almost as soon as they arrived. Thank you Flo Campbell, Winnie Rankin  and Susan Mallette for the prep help. Thank you to Maria and Hannah Van Zutphen for helping serve the meal so professionally and providing clean up help along with Ava Van Zutphen. Thank you to Shannon MacDougall for the tables and chairs and also Bernadette Mac Donell for the table cloths.
Thank you also to Janet Van Zutphen for helping with planing. A special thank you to Ted and Hermina for all their contributions; the actual cooking of the meal, for the use of their wonderful home and for the excellent food.
Inverness County Cares is dedicated to the support of the St Charles Lwanga School in Nairobi, Kenya. This school has 280 students, 220 who are residents of the school. The remaining 60 live with guardians, but still take their breakfast and lunch at the school. Most of these students were orphaned, abandoned and homeless and living their lives in the slums and dumps of Nairobi. The students are very happy to live in a safe environment at the school and gain an education, which will break the poverty cycle.

Dutch Dormitory Report 

This is an update from Berend De Boer in Friesland, Netherlands. The people of the Netherlands are the initial sponsors of the St Charles Lwanga School. They are presently trying to collect funds to cover the very high taxes and duty fees needed to send the 2 containers they have loaded with the the prefabricated dormitory.  The dormitory parts will be assembled when they arrive at the school in Kenya.

Quoting Berend

“The beds we ordered are ready and will be delivered on Saturday to St Charles Lwanga School in Ruai. They were made by our school, the Mago Polytechnic School, I am one of the sponsors of this school, and it started in 2004 on the same compound where we have a Hotel school. Ted and Hermina Van Zutphen of Inverness County Cares, visited there and stayed for 5 nights.
The students and teachers from the welding classroom made these beds.
The plan was to make 16 triple beds and 24 double beds then we would have space for 100 students. But today he told me the government won’t allow us to make triple beds!! That means on next Saturday brother John gets 80 more beds.
Now there is a church from the town Putten called Andreas Church  they gave me money for 40 mattresses. We still try to send the containers, but the tax in Kenya is very, very high, but I think we will handle it very soon.”
This is their webpage. It can be translated using Google Translate


St Charles Lwanga School Schedule

St Charles Lwanga School has 280 students, 60 live with their guardians and the rest, 220, live in the school. The 60 (living with guardians) eat breakfast and lunch at school.

St Charles Lwanga School schedule

5:00 Get up and wash up
5:30 Communal prayer, then personal reading and homework
7:00 Manual work- Clean classes, mop, sweep and pick up litter
7:30 Breakfast
8:00 Class
10:00 Break for 30 minutes
10:30 Class
11:30 Bathroom Break 10 minutes
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Class
·      Tuesday- Mass
·      Wednesday- Clubs
·      Thursday- Debate parliamentary style
·      Friday-Games with story telling in the evening or card/board games
5:30 Wash before supper
6:30 Supper
7:00 Community prayer and sharing time
9:30 Bedtime
7:00 Prayer, manual labor, wash and clean
8:00 Breakfast
10:00 Wash clothes
Group studies /discussion
12:00 Rosary and lunch
3:00 Singing practice for mass on Sunday
4:00 Free till 7:00
7:00 Movies or music to dance to
5:45 Get up
6:45 Mass
Meet one on one with teachers and councilors
Movies and counseling
Homework in evening

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