Month: May 2015

Mattress Delivery – Thank you SCAW

ST Charles Lwanga School children, staff and supporters all around the world wish to express heartfelt thanks for the wonderful gift of 100 single mattresses for the St Charles Lwanga school.
We thank Bob Barclay and Sleeping Children Around the World.
You have added a comfort to the world of these children.  We are very grateful.


Internet Access at St Charles Lwanga and the Student’s Birthday Celebration.

We are happy at long last we are connected to wifi in the whole compound thanks to Green Across the World, of Vermont, USA.. (More details to come)
Thank you so much ‘Green Across the World’ of Vermont USA.

This week we are privileged to host Josué from Nuestra Escuela, he arrived on 11th and leaving on the 21st of this month. His main activity here is to observe and see how we can corporate the Nuestra Escuela model in our system. He has also been meeting with other key education members of education head office in Nairobi.
We had a visit of Emily and Ann Josiah of Chalice.
This year’s birthday of the children is on 6th of June we still ask for well wishers to support us to make the day colourful and it will the day of our patron Saint Charles Lwanga. The children are so busy with their school work, they have just finished the opening of the term exams always a tense moment for them but for sure they study hard


Report on Living Water Africa Water Tank

St. Charles Lwanga Centre is a charitable organization run by The Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga, with Br. Kennedy Oronjo as the current director. It is both secondary and vocational Centre which takes care of children from poor backgrounds. The Centre is located in Ruai area along the Eastern bypass, in Nairobi County, Kenya.
Below are some of the benefits from the 80m3water tank-
1.     Used by the student to carryout manual work like mopping the classrooms, latrines, dormitories and maintaining the flower beds.
2.     The tank stored water for drinking, washing clothes, plates/cups and their bedding.
3.     The water in the tank is used by our cook to carryout cooking to teachers, children and the brothers.
4.     Ruai being semi-arid we use water to irrigate the school farm with an aim of vegetable production.
5.     The neighboring communities also depend on the stored water for their upkeep.
We therefore wish to appreciate the Living Water Africa    and the Kisoboka Trust for their funding and Kenya Rainwater Association for their implementation.
Kind regards
Bro.Kennedy Oronjo

Variety Concert Cancelled.

The Variety Show scheduled for Dalbrae on May 13th is postponed to a later date. Melissa Cummings and the SHOW (Students Helping Our World) group in support of the St Charles Lwanga School in Nairobi, Kenya hope they can hold this performance later this term when problems with the venue are solved.

Living Water Africa and Kisoboka Trust Project Completion

St Charles Lwanga Completion report

The entry below will soon be found on  the Kisoboka Trust webpage

Project Completed and officially opened -  St Charles Lwanga School, Ruai, Kenya

In our last newsletter we quoted the School director  Brother John Kennedy eloquently describing the need for the project. Its worth repeating this as it demonstrates the value of the work that Kisoboka has been able to do and will continue to do. Not just a Water Tank but a means to improving the health, education and general well being of many children.

“This Rainwater Harvesting Project will go a long way towards bringing water security for the school students. It will give them a much greater sense of security and self sufficiency that their water needs will be met at the school for cooking, bathing, drinking and washing their clothes. They can plan their day without having to schedule in time for a 2-6 km return journey to fetch water. Gone will be the drudgery on their bodies and spirits of carrying heavy containers of water long distances. Time will thus be freed up for the students to put into their studies, to read for enjoyment, to do practical work or to learn other life skills. This project is practical and very environmentally friendly. It will allow our staff and students to move forward with our plans to continue developing vegetable gardens to make our school more sustainable in growing a part of our food supply. This will also add variety to our weekly diet. It will also assist us in developing other sustainable agriculture projects, such as our rabbit raising venture and the possibility of a poultry project.
Knowing that our school will have a quality rainwater harvesting system is a source of pride for teachers and students. It increases our sense of well-being and our confidence. We know it is being built according to proper engineering standards and with materials of proven worth and lasting value
Norman Martin reports that it was a real privilege to share in the opening ceremony at the school. Joseph Mwaura from Kenya Rainwater Association emphasised the importance of maintaining the facility properly and that all the pupils must share in the work.  Norman and Peris Muchina from KRA cut the ribbon and the first water was taken from the overhead tank.
After the formal ceremony and speeches the pupils danced to show their happiness at having the tank and also presented a play about the importance of rain water harvesting.  This play  caused a lot of laughter but got a real message across.
Unfortunately there was nobody there from Living Water Africa who funded the project but we tried to make sure that pupils and staff understood where the funds had come from and they expressed their thanks in talk, music and dancing.
Thanks again to the experience and hard work of our partners, The Kenya Rainwater Association,  The rainwater harvesting system has been completed on time and on budget.
There is a lot more information in the Final Project Report  and this has been  uploaded onto the Kisoboka web site.
We must not forget the continuing support of Inverness County Cares based in Nova Scotia Canada without whose generosity and faithfulness in supporting the School none of this would have been possible.  The three continents have moved just a bit closer!.

For the future.
The needs of improved toilets for pupils and staff at St Charles Lwanga School has been clearly identified and a report and costing prepared by KRA. Funds are desperately needed, and we have just learnt that the Government Education is questioning the future of the school if the situation is nor remedied.
We reported earlier that as part of our long term involvement with the Masaka district in Uganda we have discussed the need for improved healthcare, specifically for the poor and needy in the slum area of Nyendo and local subsistence farmers and fishermen . We are in very early discussions with community representatives to agree how we can help address these needs  and have set up a group on the Kisoboka web site to provide an on-line meeting place for everybody who can contribute.  We are now planning  a self funded  visit in 2015 with a view to agreeing the best practical way forward.
If you would like to help, with medical or practical skills or in any other way, please get in touch through the “contact us” page on the Kisoboka web site.
The Notre Dame Community Outreach Association is beginning to bring its member experience and enthusiasm to support projcts in the Masaka and surrounding areas.  The remainder of 2015 will see the development of these schemes and the search for support.  The Kisoboka Trust will do it’s best “to make it possible”.


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