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Car Crash and Container Arrival

Yesterday Br Kennedy, three students and their driver were on their way to an eye appointment. They were rear-ended by another vehicle.  (As you can see one of the vehicles was a pick up truck, loaded with eggs). They are all fine, except for being a bit sore. We are all so thankful no one was hurt. We are reminded of the key role Br Kennedy plays in the lives of so many. God Bless Him!
In addition we have good news, as this is being written, the first container from Friesland, Holland is being unloaded at the St Charles Lwanga School. This container holds the components of a 64 person dormitory. It was pre-fabricated in Holland and will be assembled on the school grounds. Thank you to the wonderful people of Friesland.

June, 22,  2015 Report

It is the 7th week of the term and we thank God for his Grace so far.
On the 14th of this month, our students were invited for an event, Catholic schools’ Education day, which took place in Kiambu. Fortunately they were able to attend. In the past our students have been invited for similar events but the hindrance we have is lack of a school van. We had to hire a van to take them there. We therefore kindly appeal to well wishers to assist us purchase a van as this will enable the students attend many events that will boost them socially and intellectually as well. The photo below shows our students (in green) with others from various schools.
Midterm is almost here! The students and staff break for four days from daily routine, but before that however, they sit for a midterm exam which they are currently doing. The picture below shows the students busy with the ongoing examinations. The students using power point to learn Geometry. They observe the projector screen  and then do the construction process in their books. It makes learning much more practical and easier. We are very grateful to our friends in Vermont who helped us to acquire the projector, it is indeed very handy. The picture below shows some photos of the students making use of the projector screen.
This week we were visited by the health ministry people, who issued us with a warning to do something about the poor conditions of the students’ latrines and bathrooms, else they shall be forced to take action, they were also impressed with Br Kennedy for hard work and daily improvement and cleanliness of the place they were convinced that something will happen soon as brother told them our partners are aware and are looking around for funds. The latrines and bathrooms are few, therefore, cannot serve all the students adequately. We need 2 pit latrines, 1 for boys and 1 for girls, and 2 additional bathrooms, 1 for boys and the other for girls and each latrine will require 4 doors. One pit latrine requires 3000$ each and the bathrooms 1000$ each.
We are very grateful to all our friends and well wishers for your unending support. May God bless you in abundance.
Combined by: Betty Kamanda


Birthday Party for all Students

* Each June the school holds a collective birthday party to celebrate the birthdays of all the school students and also to celebrate the feast day of St Charles Lwanga.

The St. Charles Lwanga day is finally here.Below is a photo of Berend from Netherlands who is our long term friend. The students were overjoyed to see him and gathered in awe to greet and welcome him, and  in return gave out the gifts he had brought for them for the St. Lwanga day.
Some students from Kwetu Home of peace, a rehabilitation centre for purely street children, showed off their marching and band skills .Afterwards the mass began with Father Stanley presiding over it. Songs were sang and drums played. The photo below shows an exceptional moment where one of the Brothers was playing the drum.
Some students later received the sacrament of the Holy Communion as parents, students and other guests looked on. The photo below shows those special moments.
Later the parents ate with the students and socialized.
The students then entertained the parents and guests with songs and dances.
Afterwards, Mr. and Miss Culture, Denzel Chege and Margaret Njeri, on the right, Martin Mungai together with Nancy Muthoni, currently holding the Mr. and Miss Lwanga titles, were introduced. With them is Brother Kennedy, the director of the school. Once a competition, which is held once every year, the titles now belong to them. They are role models to their fellow students and set exemplary standards in terms of discipline and performance for others to follow. Mr. and Miss Lwanga later cut the cake and fed everyone. The day was a big success and full of joy and entertainment.
To the Inverness County, we really appreciate you for the contribution towards this special day and for the continued support you’ve always shown to us. Above are the photos of cakes bought that day with Mr and Miss lwanga doing the cutting.
This is Orina our last year candidate, recently we took her for a computer coarse which she has just finished and now she is assisting as a secretary at St Charles.She has a passion of studying catering so that she comes and give nutritional support to the children. Her two years diploma coarse is $2000 dollars.She is supposed to join the college on 15th of July this year and the center still has no funds to educate her. I appeal to well wishers to sponsor her so that she can be able to achieve her dream. She is one of the girls who have St.charles as the only home.
We thank the Dalbrae High school for their donation to purchase the printer, but due to an increase in number of students in school, we appeal for the photocopier worth $600 dollars to help in the mass production of documents and  this will help in proper time management.
The Lwanga children thank all friends for the good work they have done and are still doing to them.
Compiled by: Betty Kamanda (Secretary)       

Report June 2015

DATE: 06/06/2015
St. Charles Lwanga Day
This year’s celebration of our patron of saints, a family day and also a birthday of all the children where we come together as a family with parents, the children and friends to celebrate various achievements of the St Charles Lwanga  fraternity  and it shall be held on the 06/06/2015.The students are busy preparing for that exceptional day by practicing traditional songs and dances, poems, drama presentations and also a Mr and Miss Lwanga competition. We appeal to all well wishers for their contribution towards this day to make it a success. Our budget for this year is $700.
–      We would like to appreciate the Sleeping Children Organization for the donation of 100 mattresses for the children. They sang and danced in appreciation when they saw the lorry that was carrying the mattresses enter the gate. We thank the Sleeping Children Organization for their generosity.
–      Our students have various talents such as singing and many more.
Peter Makau who is currently in form one presented his song and dancing skills.
–          Our students also have a school garden where they grow various crops for consumption and it also serves as an income generating project. It is also a practical project presented for the students who undertake Agriculture as a subject currently and in their final examinations (KCSE).
–          There is a sanitation problem at the school due to the current deteriorating conditions of the school latrines and bathrooms for the students. Better latrines and bathrooms for the students are needed urgently to avoid health related diseases.
–          We now have good and improved internet connection full time all thanks to Green across the World. It enables the students and staff members to access the internet and connect to the outside world in a much better and easier way. The big challenge we are facing now is lack of computers for the students to ease their studies. Computers will enhance learning and also enable students have computer skills.
–          We had a visitor, Michael Botermans who donated books and pencils to each student in the school. The students could not hide their joy and kept on smiling as they each received a book and pencil.
–          Josue’ from Puerto Rico (Nuestra Escuela), on the last day of his visit. He organized a party for all the students and it was full of eating, dancing and many other forms of entertainment.
Thanks to our friends from the sister school Nuestra Escuela, Puerto Rico.
–       The week started well. It was a public holiday, Madaraka day, the day which our country got its independence. The children participated in various activities like painting, singing and dancing preparing in advance for St. Charles Lwanga day on Saturday.
St. Charles Lwanga day, where we celebrate the anniversary of the Ugandan martyr, Charles Lwanga, is finally here! It was extremely entertaining,there were songs, dances, poems and modeling competition.  Nancy Muthoni and Martin Ngugi, Mr and Miss Lwanga.


Birthday Party Celebration

Saturday June 6th is the day set aside to celebrate all the birthdays of the children at the ST Charles Lwanga School as well as commemorate the beatification of St Charles Lwanga on June 6, 1920. The school hopes to have a party, with a meal and if possible small gifts for the 280 children. This will be made possible with donations from generous supporters.
Funds can be sent directly to Br Kennedy’s Paypal account using his email address  or to Inverness County Cares Paypal button on the website.

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