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Pizza Sale in Port Hood, NS, Canada, for St Charles Lwanga School

This update will appear in our local paper the Inverness Oran, this Wednesday.

This Sunday August 2nd Inverness County Cares will hold a pizza sale at the home of Hermina and Ted Van Zutphen, 209 Main Street Port Hood. Pizzas will be cooked in an outside pizza oven and with delicious topping spread on a thin crust pizza. Pizzas will be available beginning at 10:00 so people can pick them up for the Chestico Days Boat Parade and will continue throughout the day. This sale is an important fundraiser, which enables Inverness County Cares to continue to provide food for the children.

Inverness County Cares is a local aide organization committed to help the students of the St Charles Lwanga School (SCLS) in Nairobi Kenya. These students are mostly homeless children who were living on the streets of Nairobi. They were abandoned because of extreme poverty or orphaned when their parents/caregivers died of AIDS. The children live at the school and Inverness County Cares donates $800 a month to cover food for all the students. SCLS provides these children with a good education, food, shelter and emotional support. These children now have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty, homelessness and despair.

These last few weeks have brought great excitement to the students. Two shipping containers containing a pre-fabricated 64 person dormitory have arrived from Holland. On August 14th a team from Friesland, Holland will arrive and assemble the structure. This wonderful gift will provide comfortable sleeping spaces for students who have been sharing a single mattress with two other students.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” -John Bunyan

August 2015 Report

The form fours are still going on with their Mock examinations which they are going to complete this week. Afterwards the rest of the school is to start their end of term examinations, before they close the school. The photo below shows the form fours having a revision class, discussing together.
Finally, the second container arrived from Netherlands on the 13/07/2015. The students were so happy to see that and went to receive the container from afar with elated faces. We really appreciate so much for the kind gesture since we know what a big and positive change it will bring to our school. The construction of the new buildings will begin on the 14th of August. The construction shall take place on the slab shown below.
The rest of the school, form one, form two and form three are busy now preparing for their exams since the form four students have already finished their MOCK Examinations. There is a lot of studying going on as they revise for their end of term exams. The picture below shows students in form one busy revising.
The school garden is also doing very well. The students are really working hard on it. It helps the school to cut a few expenses such as some vegetables like kales, onions and tomatoes. They have harvested the first season and are trying to raise some three fishes in a tiny bowl. The picture below shows the school garden.
On the 11th of July last weekend, we had an entertainment event which was organized by the Youth Group Club of St. Charles Lwanga School. The main purpose of the event was to prepare them attend a youth seminar in August once they close. The event was a lot of fun, and the students learned a lot. There were many presentations such as songs, dances, poems and drama. The picture below shows the youth group members getting ready to present a dance.
We appeal for volunteers, sponsors and friends of St. Charles Lwanga from other countries to come and visit and even work with us for a short while. This will teach the students many important and new ideas that may help them in their studies. Many students who completed their secondary education last year are currently waiting to join college, while a few have joined.
We also appeal to any sponsors who may assist them. Sponsorship for 2 years is $2000 while for 1 year is $1000. We would like to thank Ted and Hermina Van Zutphen and John and Theresa MacInnis for sponsoring two girls in college. Blessings.
We are happy and eagerly waiting for Colleen, her two daughters and Berend, who shall arrive on the 17th of October and stay with us for a period of two weeks. Colleen created the school website (}  and she has been very active in organizing fundraisers and reports for St. Charles Lwanga which has led to very fast growth to the school.


Inverness County Cares Hosts Lwanga School Supporters

June 30, 2015, Inverness County Cares held a communication and sharing session for local supporters of the St Charles Lwanga School. Representatives of the groups present gave a summary of their association with the Lwanga School. We thank Susan and Sam Moran for hosting the gathering. We also thank the planing committee for the work put into arranging this event. Thank you as well to all who attended and shared their story with us.

Josue McGrath Rosario of Nuestra Escuela: His visit to St Charles Lwanga School.

Josue paid a visit to the St Charles Lwanga school in May of 2015. He is a representative of Nuestra Escuela the sister school of St Charles Lwanga. Nuestra Escuela is situated in Puerto Rico.

The Second Container Has Arrived!

Great excitement, the second container has arrived. Now the construction of the dormitory can begin.
Many thanks to the people of Friesland and Boornbergum in The Netherlands.

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