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Thank you Dalbrae Students

Thanks Dalbrae students in Mabou, Nova Scotia, Canada for the funds to renovate the latrines and bathrooms for the Lwanga students. You can see the difference before and after. Thanks teacher Melissa Cummings for organizing the students. Blessings we appreciate.

Construction pictures

Construction has proceeded so quickly. It is so wonderful to see showers for the students. This is amazing progress. Thank you Boornbergum voor Kenia
They are also on FaceBook

August 24th, 2015 – Dormitory Construction.

Thank You , Thank you people of Boornbergum. We celebrate your kindness and generosity as we watch the dormitory take shape.
–        On the 17th of August, Berend De Boer from Boornbergum arrived and opened the containers. They had so much including the humanitarian building which was going to set up the dormitory, and other school supplies. The students helped to offload the components for the building and the other things which were in the container. Berend and his team started the setting immediately. They worked till late evening and were assisted here and there by the students. This dormitory will help reduce congestion; the generator will help a lot in the case where electricity is not available. With the computers we can now have computer classes for the students. We are extremely grateful since the lack of computers has been hindering lessons. Below is a photo showing Berend opening one of the containers.
–        Brother Kennedy holding the water pump. It will be very handy in pumping the water for the school since the current one is small. This one is big enough to pump water for all the tanks in the school.
–        Below is a photo showing the computers and the generator. The students are really looking forward to starting computer lessons this term. The generator will be very important in case of a black out, therefore the students can continue with their studies conveniently and other activities in the school.
–        Berend and team putting up the foundations for the building.
–        We are extremely grateful to the people of Boornbergum for their donations. Thank you Boornbergum!
–        The building of the dormitory is still in progress and we are looking forward to its completion. The students are also eager to occupy it and whenever they are free they help here and there. Below is a photo showing the putting up of the dorm.
–        The building of the dormitory is almost complete. It is actually a very beautiful building. Below is a photo showing the building’s progress. What is remaining is electricity connection and the fixing of the water pipes.
–        The school’s latrines were also emptied by an exhauster but we are in urgent need of their renovation, and possibly more latrines can be built. We kindly appeal to our benefactors and friends for assistance to help us improve the sanitation to avoid outbreak of diseases and also avoid the sinking of the latrines, which can be dangerous to the lives of the students.
–        Finally we would like to thank those who assisted one of our students who lost her four-year old son in paying the medical bills and contributing funds for the burial arrangements. Also we thank those who consoled her, including our staff and students. The burial was successful and the girl is now back. We really do appreciate a lot.

Now we are Biking 

The students of St Charles Lwanga  are thrilled to accept this bike as a gift  from the people of Boornbergum Holland/Netherlands.
The new dormitory continues to grow. We are so grateful for the generosity of the people of Friesland/Boornbergum.

Sad Time at St Charles Lwanga

This message arrived from Br Kennedy on Tuesday, August 19th.
“Hi everybody today one of girls  has just lost her 4 year old son. Whoever has anything may support us for his burial arrangement.

We the community of people who support the St Charles Lwanga School offer our sincere sympathy to this young girl and mourn her loss.

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