Month: September 2015

 New Van For The School. Celebrate!!!

Today the students couldn’t hide their joy when the long awaited school van was bought. I want to thank Chalice Foundation in collaboration with Inverness County Cares for this huge and generous contribution to St Charles Lwanga Ruai. Blessings and thank you and thank you very much.
More details on this partnership to follow soon.

Report September 2015

                                                                   St. Charles Lwanga report
–        It is now the third week of the term. So far so good. The form fours are getting closer and closer to their final National examinations. They are really working hard and putting in all the effort. Apart from the form fours, the rest of the students as well are also working extra hard to achieve good grades at the end of the term. The picture below shows one of their study sessions.
–         St. Charles Lwanga teachers in the staffroom. Some are busy preparing for their lessons, others checking students’ assignments while others discuss various topics that they may find challenging with their colleagues.
–        The photo below shows Mr. Irungu installing anti- viruses and windows in the computers. He is being assisted by a student, Bernard who is currently in form four and is passionate about computers.
–        The nutrition program at St. Charles Lwanga during lunch time. The students are lining up for a meal prepared by our long time cook Mama Weche. The meal consists of maize and beans and an alternative ‘ugali’ and veggies for some students. We thank you Inverness County  Cares
–        The new dormitory has really helped to solve the problem of congestion. It is more spacious and it can be organized unlike before when it was so hard to do so due to the congestion. The photo below shows the inside of the dormitory. Thank you so much to the people of Boorbergum.
–        We would really like to appreciate all our friends and sponsors for the good work they are doing. We appeal for any help you would offer to us. Currently what we still lack are books, a school van and most of all an infirmary. We are always forced to take students to the hospital whenever they fall sick and that costs us a lot of money. An infirmary would really help us to cut costs. May God bless you greatly. 

Life at St Charles Lwanga School. 

Visitors from Canada.

Today we had nice visit of Kathleen Moran and Chris from Inverness County, Nova Scotia, Canada. We had a nice discussion of setting up a clinic for the students. We are also grateful for the donations they  brought to the children. Blessings.
Check out Kathleen’s and Chris’ blog.

Official Opening of New Dormitory


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