Month: November 2015

Br Kennedy’s Nova Scotia Visit.

Br John Kennedy has been invited to visit Nuestra Escuela in Puerto Rico and attend the Green Across the World Conference in Burlington Vermont. His flight expenses have been donated by these generous people. Following the conference he is driving to Inverness County, Nova Scotia with the Inverness County Cares representatives who attended the Vermont Conference.
When in Nova Scotia Br John Kennedy has a very busy schedule.

Saturday Nov 14th
5:00 St Andrew’s church, Judique

Sunday Nov. 15th
10:00 Mass at St. Peter’s, Port Hood,
11:00 St. Stephen’s Jubilee, Port Hood 
12:00 Tea and a meet and greet open to the public at St. Stephen’s Jubilee hall.
5:00- Light supper at the home of Sam and Susan Moran for Inverness County Cares members to meet Br Kennedy

Monday Nov 16th
10:30 Dalbrae Academy, Mabou
1:30 Bayview Education Center, Port Hood

Tuesday Nov. 17th
8:00 Rotary breakfast meeting in Port Hawkesbury
9:50-10:50 Strait Area Education Center (SAEC) 1st session 
11:30  We’koqma’q First Nation School/Waycobah First Nations
2:15 Nova Scotia Community College, Strait Campus

Wednesday Nov 18th
Interview CBC Sydney 11:00
Inverness County Tour to visit funding partners

Thursday Nov 19th
Meetings in Halifax with Chalice representatives

Friday Nov 20th
9:40- Interview XFM
10:00 Coady Institute Antigonish
12:00 Lunch at Sisters St. Martha’s
7:00 Community meet and greet at Judique Fire
7:30 Interview with Inverness Oran and The Reporter

Saturday Nov 21st
4:00 Evening mass St Joseph’s Church, Port Hawkesbury
7:00 Stella Maris, Criegnish Church

Sunday Nov 22nd
9:00AM St Margaret’s of Scotland, Broadcove
11: 00AM Stella Maris Church Inverness

Monday Nov 23rd
Halifax airport, return to Kenya

Inverness County Cares Visitors

Colleen MacLeod of Inverness County Cares and her two daughters Nora and Linda have just returned from Kenya where they spent time visiting the St Charles Lwanga School (SCLS). The returned home with a new sense, of the challenges faced by SCLS administration and students. SCLS is the only chance these students have to break free of the abject poverty they face, if they do not have an education.

Br Kennedy, Linda MacLeod, Nora MacLeod, Berend De Boer, Colleen MacLeod


Inverness County Cares (ICC)  joyfully announces that in September of 2015 we formally entered into a partnership with Chalice Canada, an A+ rated charity in international aid and development with headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. ICC will receive the benefit of an experienced group of field staff in both Halifax and Kenya, who provide control of all funds sent to SCLSS in Kenya. Chalice demands accountability and transparency according to Canadian Revenue Agency standards. Chalice will issue official receipts for all donations to Inverness County Cares. ICC is committed to a three-year plan to support SCLSS in co-operation with Chalice Canada. The first year will see $133,566 go toward improving the quality of life and education at SCLSS, with $60,000 of this provided by ICC through extensive fundraising.


 Project Name: St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School and Children’s Center

Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Project Type: Education  

Inverness County Cares Funding Code: ICC2015

Background of Site: St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School and Children’s Centre began as a place where orphaned, homeless or abandoned children were rescued and provided with shelter, food and a place to call home. It was started by Brother John Kennedy Oronjo, a member of the Catholic religious order known as the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga. His compassion and love for children was moved by the suffering of these orphans and vulnerable children who had migrated from rural communities and he began by gathering, rehabilitating and relocating them to schools for formal education. Unfortunately these institutions found it difficult to integrate children from the street into their classrooms; and this necessitated the need to start a school in 2010. Four years later Brother John and his colleagues have transformed their little used residence, owned by the Order of St. Charles Lwanga, into classrooms, a dormitory, dining hall and a shop for teaching carpentry skills to the older teens.

Today 280 children (some with disabilities and special needs), from the dump sites and slums of Nairobi, are enrolled in formal education and hope to break and end the cycle of poverty and homelessness. They are provided with a safe place to live, a reliable source of nutritious food and the opportunity to gain high school education with the possibility of post-secondary education. Brother John hopes that with donations to the centre, he and his team can build a bigger school with an integrated approach to mould children through both academic and vocational training to become responsible citizens of the world.

There is no financial support from the government and the children are unable to contribute. Some funding for this operation has been received in the form of grants from International Organizations but the majority has been raised through smaller community groups and parishes in Canada and other parts of the world from which Brother John and his order have been able to solicit support. “Inverness County Cares” has entered into a partnership with Chalice to raise the needed funds for this project. The total cost of this project is $ 133,566.00; Inverness County Cares has committed to raising $60,000.00 for this project while Chalice will raise $ 73,566.00

Project Objectives: This project is to support the center by covering one year’s operating costs for administration salaries, nutrition, clothing (school uniforms), bedding, personal hygiene products, necessary immunizations and basic health care and rehabilitation costs, along with the cost of books, purchase of a school van, laboratory equipment, teachers’ guides, teaching materials and other classroom resources. The Vocational Centre for older children not attending secondary school will also be equipped.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $60,000.00

Exams Are Over

Last week was an informative week to our school .We had visitors from Inverness County Cares, Nova Scotia, Canada and our friend Berend De Boer from Netherlands from whom we learn so much. We appreciate them so much for their warm gesture to visit our school, interact with our students, to promote and boost our co –curriculum activities, girl’s awareness among others.
Our football students are very happy for the football jerseys. This is a good encouragement for the students since now they can comfortably compete among themselves (inter school competition) and even outside the school (friendly matches with other schools ). This will boost the student’s talents in football and also encourage other games participation. Donated by Second Kicks of Toronto. Thanks also to Tarpon Energy, Peace River Alberta, Canada  for their generous donation of personal care items for the students.
Much joy was evident in our ladies since the problem of some of them failing to attend classes due to lack of sanitary towels during their menstruation was now settled. The smile was all over their faces since from now they will be in school full time. Our visitors brought in sanitary towels Days for Girls (provided by Chalice) and taught them how to use the towels. We are much grateful to Colleen and her daughters Nora and Linda for that wonderful gesture to our ladies.
Berend De Boer was engaged with other students on rainwater harvesting. The water is to be collected from the dormitory roof to the tank and it will be used in cleaning activities.
Many thanks to Hermina and Ted Van Zutphen of Port Hood, NS, Canada, for stretching a helping hand to our students during this cold and rainy season. The toques/hats awarded to the students will help keep them warm and this will boost their studies since common cold related diseases will not be experienced, example coughs among others .
We are also grateful to Inverness County Cares, Chalice foundation and friends for our nutrition .We appreciate you so much for what you are doing in our school on our feeding program.
Some photos of our students will show them with the school director (Bro Kennedy). The students are happy as they take their lunch and interact with Brother Kennedy.
This week our form fours are very happy to have completed their fourth year examination. Joy is all over their faces that God has seen them through secondary education and they trust Him even for their life outside school. We must confess it has not being easy for them, since they had to wake up very early to study but as the saying goes hard work pays, we have confidence in them that they will give us good results.
Brother Kennedy we celebrate you today, you are the hero to these innocents students. Thank you for nurturing their talents, molding their behavior, providing them with a roof to study under, being a father, a brother and a friend to them was all they needed to study. The students may not have enough words to thank you but deep within their souls they are grateful of the work you are doing in the young youths of our country. We pray that our God may bless you abundantly, and that He may see you through as you try to bring hope to more students.
As a school we want to appreciate everybody who has contributed to the smooth learning of our students, our director, brothers of St. Charles, parents, guardians, teachers, students and our sponsors .
God bless you all. To sum it all, words are not enough to express how much grateful we are to Inverness County Cares, Chalice foundation and friends for extending a helping hand to our school. Receive our sincere gratitude from our hearts. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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