Month: December 2015

December 15th, 2015

 After a three week visit in Puerto Rico, US and Canada, Brother Kennedy is back in the country! Everyone was elated to see him. He brought many gifts: clothes and shoes and also books and pens. We really appreciate all the good things. We, a few of the staff who were around and some students as well welcomed him back. It also happened that his brother, Father Oronjo also came from Italy a few days after. Brother Kennedy blessed us a lot by hiring people to improve the school compound. During the rainy season there is usually a lot of mud but as it is now after the changes, no mud anymore and the compound looks more than amazing! The pictures below show the school’s new look.
During this holiday, the students are now on break from academics. They are now doing extra-curricular activities like farming and ongoing computer lessons. Some students would come in the morning from home, attend the lessons then leave in the afternoon. Also those who were staying in the school were being given computer lessons and music lessons: Guitar and Piano lessons as well. The guitar and piano were donated by Kati Van Zutphen. The pictures below show some students who were taking music lesson.
On the 30th of November, we held a youth seminar at St. Charles Lwanga as like we always do. Those who attended were taught a lot about Morality, drugs and Christianity. The guest speaker for that seminar was Father Oronjo. They were also taken out to have a bit of fun. It ended on 3rd of December. The pictures show the youths having fun.
There are also ongoing interviews here in the school for teachers and also students for next year. Many have showed up and the vetting is still ongoing. The challenge we have is that we have lost many teachers due to lack of funds. Before schools open, we shall know who we shall work with and we are grateful to volunteers especially.
On the 13th of December we had a visitor from Canada, Emily, who came with gifts on behalf of Samantha. She brought clothes and we were very happy with the kindness portrayed. May God bless them greatly.



Music Lessons Continent to Continent.

When Br Kennedy left Nova Scotia, Canada he took with him a very special gift. A beautiful guitar donated by the family of Harvey and Janet Van Zutphen. The school has some very talented musicians but they don’t have musical instruments. As soon as the guitar reached The St Charles Lwanga School the school music teacher, (Geoffrey a student who just graduated this year) immediately started lessons. His teacher is Kati Van Zutphen, Janet’s and Harvey’s daughter (in Port Hood, NS), an accomplished musician herself. Geoff and Kati planned to do lessons over Skype but the internet speed and the technology needed weren’t available so Kati made an instructional video and shared it with Geoff online. Geoff is a very motivated student and is picking up the skill already. He is sending updates to Kati and she will share more instructional videos with him. We hope to be sharing some of Geof’s music soon.

Br Kennedy’s Nova Scotia, Canada Tour

We wish to thank everyone for the wonderful welcome given to Br Kennedy.He had an exhausting schedule but he met many wonderful supporters. Many thanks to the people who made this all possible, Nuestra Escuela in Puerto Rico, Bay and Paul Foundation, the people of Vermont and Green Across the World, members of Inverness County cares and all supporters near and far.

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