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Morning Assembly at St Charles Lwanga School


Betty Jane’s Music Lessons

Passerbys now can hear the sound of music coming from the St Charles Lwanga School compound. What a joyful sound. Betty Jane is sharing her musical knowledge with such an appreciative audience. God bless Betty Jane and all those who made this possible.
It puts a smile on our face and a song in our heart.


New Desks and BJ Arrived.

After a very long journey, Betty Jane Cameron (Inverness County Cares member) has arrived at the St Charles Lwanga School.
Also the very wonderful and generous friends of St Charles Lwanga in the Netherlands have donated much needed desks for the new students.

School Report January 22nd.

This is the third week of the term. Many activities have taken place in the Centre. There has been the registration of the form fours, where their photos are taken and fed in the computer. The registration is done to every student, this is to ensure that:
The student will be recognizing by the National Examination Council.
The student will get a certificate after sitting for the examination.
The registration is quite essential to the students since upon not  registering the student will not sit for the  final examination .The deadline for the registration is on  15th February 2015  ,we therefore appeal  for assistance to raise the money required for their registration which is 🙁 5600ksh/= or 56 dollars  per student  and 141,600ksh/= or 1416 dollars  for the whole class). The class has twenty-six students in total. We appreciate the efforts made by our director Brother Kennedy in the registration of the form fours .He has being a good father ,a mentor ,and a counselor  to the form fours ever since they joined the Centre .
We are grateful to God and to Brother Kennedy for the wonderful students in the Centre. Last year the form who did their examination left the Centre although we have some around the Centre. This year, Brother Kennedy has taken in students to fill the gap left by the form fours, the students are to join form one and start their studies immediately .
Below are the photos of some of the students who have joined the Centre. The students are happy that they are in class.
The major challenge we are facing as a Centre is that of space for the expansion.  The Centre requires more space for the classes, it also requires facilities such as latrines for the general health of the students .The current latrines are not enough to cater for the whole Centre, we therefore appeal for assistance in the construction of more latrines .The budget of constructing a latrine may go for 3000 Dollars, please we request for your hand in this project so as to give the students a healthy life.
Below is a photo of the girls as they queue to visit the washrooms.
Brother Kennedy has worked on increasing the classrooms with his pocket money (salary) to accommodate the new students. Below are the photos on the class expansion.
These are the materials required to increase the classrooms.
Those are the classes that were expanded.
The photo  shows the size of the classes after expansion.
We are thankful to God, Brother Kennedy and our Sponsors for the work they are doing to show us love and care which our students require the most .Words are not enough to express our happiness but we pray to God to keep you in good health and  His abundant Grace to shine upon you.
Thank you.

Betty Jane on her Way to Kenya

Betty Jane Cameron of Inverness County Cares, is all ready to leave for Kenya, departing Saturday. Pictured here is Betty Jane, Shadow her Burmese mountain dog, Ted Van Zutphen who is taking her to the airport in Halifax and her mountain of luggage. Betty Jane is a nurse as well as a talented music teacher. She will spend a month at the St Charles Lwanga School sharing her knowledge and talents.

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