Month: February 2016

February 16th, 2016

Quoting the St Charles Lwanga School, music teacher. His comments on Betty Jane Cameron, Mabou, NS, Canada
“I do really thank God to bring me a visitor all the way from Canada to come and make me improve in my music skills, am now able to play different musical instruments hope I will be able to receive more others. My aim is to be able to play any musical instrument I see before me. We are working together and she is able to experience African life. She is called Betty Jane and she has Doctrine in music, she came for one month from January end to this February and she will be leaving soon, may God bless her abundantly.”
St Charles Lwanga School celebrated Kenyan culture with interesting costumes and activities.
Quoting Br Kennedy,Cultural day at St.Charles Lwanga was lots of fun. We love and embrace our culture.”

Inverness County Cares Website Launch
St Charles Lwanga School (SCLS) is happy to announce the launch of the new Inverness County Cares (ICC) website. ICC is based in Inverness County Nova Scotia, Canada and has supported the SCLS for three years along with our other partners.
ICC has gathered together an honorary board of prominent people of Inverness County who have consented to let their names stand as people who celebrate and support the importance of the work Inverness County Cares does for the St Charles Lwanga School.

ICC Honorary Board Members
Deborah Gillis — President & CEO Catalyst
Shirley Hartery — Educator / Activist
Florence Kennedy CSM — Councillor, Leadership Team, Sisters of St. Martha
Duart MacAulay— Warden Municipality of the County of Inverness
Rankin MacDonald — Editor “The Inverness Oran”
Bob MacEachern— General Manager MacEachern Broadcasting Ltd.
Alex McKinnon — Retired Home Hardware Owner / Manager
Roddie MacLennan — Belle Cote Restaurateur
Allan MacMaster — MLA Inverness
Natalie MacMaster — Fiddler / Entertainer
Bob Martin – Photographer / Activist
Joe Shannon — President Atlantic Corporation Ltd

Update #3 from Betty Jane Cameron

Greetings to you all. This school gets into your heart very fast. I find it hard to believe  I only have two weeks left, for there is enough to do and to get to understand to keep me happy and busy for many months. The students are very fast learners and we are having a good time with small groups forming in their free time.  The choir is learning new music for a special mass and entertainment day on Sat. The children and youth have become very close to me, and never give up trying to teach me Swahili. They care for each other and welcome new students; they are full of hugs and smiles;and they are very committed to their studies and their goals. We are updating  student profiles and hoping to find sponsors. The cost is only $400/year for secondary students, and a little more to support post secondary youth. The gifts you sent with me are gratefully received and well used. Love to you all ,Betty Jane

Music In the Air

Taken from a Facebook post by Geoffrey Ambaisi, music teacher at St Charles Lwanga School and former student.
“These is my choir in a school called St. Joseph Freinademetz in Nairobi where i teach music and behind there is a great lady from Canada called Betty Jane who has a great degree in music and she visited us. Very happy to instill the talent of music in my pupils just for the next generation. We love singing and Jane also there willing to assist us. Am just preparing for 2016 music festivals come 2nd Term. God bless our visitor and all of good will to us.”

Updates from Betty Jane Cameron

Updates sent by Betty Jane from St Charles Lwanga in Nairobi, Kenya
February 1, 2016
Greetings from Kenya. Habaka Yalu? How are you? This week has flown by and we can all see it is not nearly long enough. I am very happy with all the people and with the things I see and do. It has been interesting to visit a more prosperous primary school to teach flute and singing to the choir. Saturday the children played football, volleyball and fun games all afternoon at the school across the street. They are great runners, and enjoyed the freedom from studies. The students are very comfortable with me and call me mama. Lots of hugs, lots of stories, and very interested in Canada and our winters and way of life. I have spent one morning with each form in order to get to know them all. Today, Sunday we walked to the parish mass at 9, were seated at 9:30 and left at 12:30. This would not be happy at home! The service was the most joyful one I have ever attended-filled with dancing, clapping, singing and lots of ceremony. All music is lively and the choir filled a quarter of the church.

January 26, 2016
It has been a very warm welcome weather wise, and by everyone I have met, and I feel very comfortable and at home here. The internet needs to be activated each time I request it, so I’ll keep it to once a week probably. I am in a 2 bunk dorm with two new grads waiting exam results to enter university. The food is very tasty-similar to Indian or Jamaican cooking-done on open wood fires.
I am teaching music every day to small groups, about 50 total. They are really happy, very musical, attentive, and noisy-they want to try all the instruments and I would like to get several small bands going before I leave. I teach at, 2 and 4pm for an hour, and each form (grade) separately during the 40 minute study break. I am available for help after supper as well. All this is every day! I love the kids and often chat or hang out, or visit their classes. Love and thanks for all your support and prayers.
Betty Jane


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