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March 21st, 2016

St. Charles Lwanga Report.
Environmental protection is a practice well embraced in our Centre where we protect the natural environment through tree planting programs for the benefit of both the natural environment and humans. The program equips students with knowledge on environmental management, helps them to be active participants on environmental protection, helps in beautification of the school and most importantly helps the student to be responsible since each student is entitled to water and take care of his/her tree.
Se Photos below
We also received visitors Robert and Clarence from Sleeping Children Around the World organization. They had very wonderful moments with students where they were able to interact and share with the students.
See photos below.
Community service is an activity where one spends time in delivering services such as clean up to the community. Our students embrace this activity as a way of extending their love to our community members. We visited our neighboring grandmother and the students participated actively in carrying out home chores and clearing of the compound. Happiness was evident on her face to see children who care about the aged, she expressed it as good morals taught in our youths.
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In the Centre the students are taught how to be responsible, extension of love and care to others and most importantly sharing with the others. These are the core values of the institution. As we help the needy in our community, we also have challenges facing us as the Centre, among them is the sanitary towels for the girl child. Sanitary towels are essential to our girl students as they boost the self-esteem in our ladies, they do not have to shy away during their menstruation, it helps in the student class concentration as one has no fear of leakage. We therefore request for assistance in helping our girl child acquire some sanitary towels. Any assistance accorded to us on the  supply of sanitary towels is highly appreciated.
We appreciate the efforts made by all our benefactors and friends in facilitating the smooth running of our school activities.
God bless you all.
The report was prepared by Florence Maina .

Kenyan Tour Opportunity

In October 2015 my two daughters and I had the opportunity to participate in the tour described below. It is an experience that should not be missed. Every place we visited was an exciting adventure. This was a personal tour, which brought us close to the true people of Kenya.  We saw the country authentically portrayed and met the people Berend De Boer knows personally as we passed through the small towns and villages. Berend de Boer has in-depth experience in these areas, (this was his 80th trip to Kenya). Most important we felt safe and secure. We drove in a reliable vehicle, had competent, safe drivers, (chosen personally by Berend) and felt comfortable and protected in an environment we would never venture through alone.
We highly recommend this tour.
Colleen MacLeod, Nova Scotia, Canada

Translated from: Frisian (A language of the Netherlands)
This is an account of an information session held in Boornbergum, Netherlands
in February, 2016. It was an information meeting for those interested in touring Kenya with Berend de Boer’s tour group and was held at Boornbergum and hosted by the organization Boornbergum by Kenya.
More than 60 interested people attended. Upon receipt of coffee interested guests were welcomed by Berend de Boer, Gerda de Boer and Siemen de Boer.
After a short introduction a video was viewed showing the construction of our their project, a dormitory for the school children at St Charles Lwanga School in Ruai, Nairobi, Kenya. (
Berend de Boer assembled this building, together with a group of students from the MAGO POLYTECHNIC SCHOOL ( on behalf of Boornbergum Voor Kenya, an organization in the Netherlands. The students are now enjoying the benefits and comforts of this sustainable building.
An interesting video about traveling to Kenya was presented and it explained that unlike large travel companies, this trip will have input from tour participants.
Tour members will visit local markets, villages and hospitals and one of the biggest attractions in Africa, the Masai Mara. This park with its great diversity of flora and fauna, is an unforgettable experience. A visit to a Masai village located in the middle of the Masai Mara between all the wild animals is also part of the itinerary.
Participants will proceed through the interior and go further inland towards Mago. Here they will stay a few nights at the Mago Polytechnic School. This is a hotel school which is run and operated by students during their hospitality training. This is another project originating in and supported by people of the Netherlands
The tour will also visit the last piece of tropical rain forest in Kenya and sleep there.
One of the most interesting characteristics of this trip is that the participants are consulted as to where to go and activities will be part of itinerary.
Our most highly recommended and experienced tour guide Berend de Boer will provide guests with awesome experiences and surprises.
After the video the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions. One of them was whether it was possible to volunteer with us in Kenya. We are now working on a new project where this will happen. However, this is still in its infancy and requires further elaboration. It is already possible to give a day ‘lesson’ on one of the schools that we visit.

For tour information please contact: – Siemen de Boer –  Berend de Boer –  Gerda de Boer

March 06th, 2016

The St Charles Lwanga School and Children’s Centre has successfully molded individual into citizens who are self-reliant, obedient to the law, self-driven, to transform themselves and the country at large. This has been achieved through consistent counseling, mentoring, sponsorship to ensure that the children acquire knowledge and skills through education.
The Centre natures the students behavior to staunch Christians, reliable and industrious citizens.
Here are some success stories of our students.

My name is Joyce (see picture below) and since I joined the Centre my life has never been the same again. I have learnt  so many new things that have shaped my life, among them include: I got an opportunity to acquire education, an environment where I can get the basic needs, I made new friends whom we share a lot in common in terms of life challenges we experienced back in our homes, empowered with knowledge on career choice and other entrepreneurial skills, through guidance and counseling I have raised my self-esteem  amongst others. I come from a very poor family where provision of basic needs is  a major challenge, access to sanitary towels is quite hard, an environment where am vulnerable to drug and substance abuse and unhealthy relationships. My most sincere gratitude goes to Brother Kennedy, Chalice foundation and Inverness County Cares  for their  selfless heart to help us  realize our  dreams and make wise decision in life. My ambition is to a journalist in future.
My name is Paul Lole (see picture below) and I have gained much from Centre. Before I joined the Centre I had lost hope in life and it appeared that all my dreams were shut down. I did drugs heavily because I considered them a source of consolation to the challenges I faced then, I lived a blame life because I didn’t understand why my family has to be poor and not enjoy what other families enjoy. Once I joined the Centre, I interacted with other students who had gone through the same life style and experiences I had. I got access to three meals a day which I didn’t get at home, got access to education and most importantly I went through counseling session successfully which changed and transformed my life. I am grateful to God Brother Kennedy, Chalice Foundation and Inverness County Cares for their  continuous support in our Centre programs. Once I am done with the secondary education I would like to study business administration in my higher education.

My name is Fabiola (see picture below) and I have also gained a lot from the Centre. Before I joined the Centre I live a life of pain and self-denial, I didnt understand why life was so unfair to only take my mother. She pass on while I was at a tender age and life become so hard for us. I am the first born in a family of five. I developed the habit of singing every time I was angry and felt so down to bear the pain we were going through. Surprisingly it become my talent. The Centre has helped me develop my talent of singing through participation in the school activities such as talents day. This has helped build courage in stage performance. I would like to further my education in music industry since through music I can educate the youth on the dangers of drugs, unhealthy relations and create awareness on HIV&AIDs in our communities. Through the guidance and counseling offered in the Centre, I have learnt to live with others and help others in time of need.  I request for sanitary towels which will boost the girl child and empower them in their daily activities. I appreciate the efforts made by Brother Kennedy, Chalice Foundation and Inverness County Cares in supporting us and helping us realize our dreams.

Although the Centre has achieved, proper feeding program, education program and medical program   we still have a major challenge with the sanitation program where the latrines are not enough to cater for the Centre capacity. The available latrines are not enough for our students and they even require some renovation. Latrines helps us in various ways to boost the academic and the hygiene of the students. Latrines increase the class attendance of girls and hence improved performance. Most girls fail to attend their classes during their menstrual cycle due to the long queues when using the latrines.

Latrines are important since they increase a sense of dignity. The idea of accessing the latrine at one’s own time is quite essential unlike when one has to wait for long hours to use the same latrine.

Reduce time wastage as each student will have time to visit the washroom at his/her own time, without having so many of them waiting for each other at the latrines.

Help in improvement of the sanitation. Once we have more latrines the general sanitation of the Centre will be improved and hence boosting the self-esteem and cleanliness of our students.

PROPOSED BUDGET for Latrines See Below

These are the latrines we have .We urgently propose for construction for other two latrines and renovation of the ones in place.
We have held other activities within the term which helps the children to grow holistically and able to balance the curriculum learning with co-curriculum activities, they include:
The cultural day (see picture below)
Opening of the year mass (see picture below)
Betty Jane’s visit to St Charles (see picture below)

The cultural day is a day we celebrate what our fore fathers practiced in the old days and appreciate what each community practice as culture. It is an educative day since each person learns from the other what they practice at different times of the year. During this day the students sing and dance the traditional songs, poetry and exchange proverbial sayings .

The importance of cultural day
Allows students to appreciate different cultural practices.
Helps the students to understand the diversity of culture amongst them.
Helps the students to appreciate the change in generations since time in memorial to date.
Understand what to borrow from the western culture.

Opening of the year mass.
This is a day where we celebrate mass with the students and our neighboring community as we pray God for a good start and guidance throughout the year. The main theme for this day is thanks giving for the many wonderful and mighty things God has done unto us. It’s also a day where the community show their appreciation  towards the Centre through their attendance .
Betty Janes Visit
We appreciate the wonder gesture shown by Betty Jane of visiting our Centre and voluntarily teaching some music lesson to our children. In her visit she has learnt a lot from the student and got to know them better through her interaction with them. We have also learnt so many traits that she portrayed while she was here, she instilled in the spirit of hard work, giving to others, spirit of prayer and knowing God better, courage and determination in our daily duties, focus on success amongst others. May God bless her and we welcome her and others in our Centre .
We appreciate every effort made by friends; sponsors and Brother Kennedy in facilitating the smooth learning of our Centre .May God bless you all. Thank you.


Betty Jane 

Feb 22/16
Here we are with Betty Jane who is to leave tomorrow back to Canada. Very much grateful for the time we have had we her in Kenya. God bless the knowledge she instilled in us and also thanks to Bro. Kennedy Omondi who brought her.  Geoff

More info on Betty Jane’s visit to come.

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