Report on School Activities
Learning is in progress with teachers and the students attending their classes effectively. We have sixteen volunteer teachers who are tirelessly assisting the children in their studies and also in other school activities. The government has also sent three teachers to do their teaching practice in our school which will boost our learning process.
We had an academic clinic with the guardians of our form three and four children . The main objective of the academic clinic was to encourage the students on their studies and give them hope for a brighter tomorrow. The children visited the subject teachers with their guardians as shown in the photos below .
We appreciate Madam Caroline for her great gesture of donating sanitary towels to our girls .She read from our website fabiola’s  story who was expressing the need of sanitary towels to our girls .Happiness was evident in the girls faces as this is  one of their necessity  . The sanitary towels will help in raising the self –esteem and confidence in our girls.
Controlling drainage.
It is during the rainy season and the season is accompanied by mad ,flooding water and cold .To respond to the flooding water ,we have poured ballast which absorbs the  stagnating water .This has helped in promoting the students cleanliness  and also reduce the breeding places for the mosquitoes .
Poultry Farming
Poultry farming is a project that was started by SCAWS  ROOST ( sleeping children organization) in 2015. The project has been productive as we collect eggs daily which we sell to make an income .It has also created a job opportunity to one of our former student who was our head boy and is now  in charge of the project .It has boosted the agricultural practical’s as the students can learn the basic of poultry farming.
Major challenges .
We have a challenge in  raising the teachers stipend which acts as a motivation and an appreciation to our teachers .The volunteer teachers are doing a great job in shaping the behavior of our children ..The other challenge is in feeding the poultry ,disease control and cannibalism as the space is also not enough. We  therefore request for assistance in supporting the teaching staff and the poultry farming .
We appreciate the efforts made by Brother Kennedy and all our benefactors for supporting us in our school activities .May God bless you .
Report prepared by :
Florence Maina
Social Worker