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Short Movie/Power Point telling about SCL School.

A short video/Power Point concerning the St Charles Lwanga School has been posted to YouTube.

Br Kennedy at IDEC Conference in Finland. 

You Tube video of Br Kennedy’s presentation, Democratic education in Africa – How to teach equality in an unequal society-  at the IDEC@EUDEC – INTERNATIONAL DEMOCRATIC EDUCATION CONFERENCE
June 6-10th 2016 in Mikkeli, Finland

This is a link to Br Kennedy’s presentation at the conference

June Report 

It has been a wonderful week of the term and all programs are running on well. Learning activities have been very effective with the teachers and students attending well to their classes. Other programs such as clubs, are also in progress which helps in the development and shaping of the various talents we have at school.

Major challenge
We have a major challenge with the latrines since we have three latrines, which are shared by the children: the girls have one latrine as well as the boys and the other latrine is used by the staff members. We are requesting for kind support in construction and renovation of the existing latrines, which will help in improving the school hygienic levels and also reduce time wasted by the students as they queue at the latrines. The cost of constructing the latrine is $3,500 USD.
We are faced by the challenge of our classroom floors where they need urgent renovation. The current condition of the floor makes it hard to do the cleaning and also for the students to write properly as the desks are not stable on the floor.

IDEC Conference
Brother Kennedy visited Finland for one week where he attended the IDEC conference (International Democratic Education Conference) and made a presentation on Democratic education in Africa. In his speech he expressed the need of a democratic school in Kenya where children are active participants and co-creators of their own learning. He also expressed the academic inequality in our schools, where most school locks out the poor children who do not perform well, those who do not conform to the expected behaviour of our society. These are the children our schools are throwing out in the streets as they did not get the set pass marks to the next level  .He expressed the value of these children as people who teach us tolerance, patience and contentment in our lives.
Brother Norman who is one of the staff members and in charge of boarding at the Centre lost his father and some of our students and staff members accompanied him for the burial, which was on 18th June 2016. It was during this time that we took a walk around the village where we met this poor child drawing water from a spring for her elderly grandmother. The child was very hungry from school and was expected to carry a very huge bucket of water home. She was out of school, as she had not paid her school fees. We accompanied the child to her home as the staff members helped her carry the huge bucket of water home where we met the grandmother. Our staff members made kind contribution towards the family which would aid the child in buying her some books, going back to school, uniform and shoes.
The staff members helping the child carry her water home .The bucket of water was quite heavy and she was expected to carry it up the hill to her home.
We also meet other needy children from the village who are in dire need of school uniforms, school fees, school bags, shoes and basic needs amongst other needs.

Visitor from Equity Bank
We got a visit from Equity Bank, the manager of Equity Bank, Ruai, and his colleague. They encouraged the students to work hard and get good grades. They promised to be coming to the school to give talks on career guidance and financial management. The pictures below show them with the Director Brother John Kennedy, talking to the students.
We wish to express our condolence to the families of Brother Norman and Rosemary Owuor who lost their fathers. Rosemary is one of our Centre board member and her dad has been sick for a while at the hospital where he passed on. The body will be laid to rest on 2nd July 2016 in Kisumu. Let’s join together and pray for these families during this painful moment of their lives.
Thank you
Report prepared by: Florence Maina
Social worker
St. Charles Lwanga Children Centre

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