Last week the Centre organized for self-directed learning in the form of a symposium where the children were to demonstrate in action what they learn in class. They got to show their different capabilities in various fields example in sciences, languages and other educative demonstrations. This was a wonderful moment for the students and the teachers as this helped our students to understand better what is taught in class and also the teacher was able to evaluate their students. It was a lot of fun for both the students and the entire staff. The photos below show the students showing their skills.
This week we had an academic clinic day for the form ones and twos. Their guardians interacted one on one with the teachers to find out the performance of their sons and daughters in class. They discussed at length on how to improve their strengths on their studies and their talents. The photos below show the teachers discussing on the child’s academic progress.
We also had a motivational talk which was well facilitated by Father Oronjo who is a brother to Brother Kennedy. It was an inspiring moment where he taught the students on virtues of faith, hope and charity.
Poultry farming
The poultry project has been productive as we collect eggs daily with which we make income. It has also created a job opportunity to one of our former student who is taking care of the chicken and also our garden where we have planted some vegetables. The project has encouraged the students in their learning, as they are able to work out their agricultural practicals well.
The garden vegetables are used in feeding the children though the yields have not been much due to poor soil drainage and diseases amongst others challenges. We therefore request for Green house farming which requires less land and the yields are much to boost our feeding program .The green house will also create some employment to our children who complete school and have not yet joined their tertiary education.
The journalism club members have a project of production of a school magazine. The project  aims at promoting the different talents in our children, marketing the school and also earn some income which will be used by the children in their learning. The project will cost 300 USD for its publication. We therefore are appealing for assistance in raising the funds for the magazine publication.
Thank you
Report prepared by: Florence Maina