Month: August 2016

Thank you

Inverness County Cares would like to thank all our volunteers and supporters who made our 2016 Pizza sale such a success. Although the event was held on Sunday August 7th, there were many hours of preparation and planning before the actual event. Thank you especially to Ted and Hermina van Zutphen for their help making the pizzas and the use of their family home and grounds. We especially want to thank them for donating all the ingredients needed to make the pizzas.
We are grateful for the numerous people who volunteered their time to help. The many people who helped are testament to the strong community support for Inverness County Cares.
Thank you also to the many people who bought the pizzas. We truly appreciate the support of our community in all our undertakings.
Thank you

Inverness County Cares Biggest Fundraiser for the Lwanga School


John David’s Story.

Picture My name is John David a student from St. Charles Lwanga children Centre. I grew up in Kibera (Largest slum in Nairobi) without a father, my mother got sick and I shifted to live with my elderly  grandmother in Ruai. My grandmother had no job to cater for our daily and our basic needs. It pained me so much how she used to move from one place to another in search of job. She took me to school but life didn’t change in fact it become worse as she could not afford the school fees. It is due to these challenges I dropped out of school and  run into the streets in search of food and a job which could help me take care of my  mother and grandmother. For me to fit in the street life I had to use of very harmful drugs like bhang, khat, glue and many others. I stayed in that harmful environment for about 4 years, I lost focus on education and gave up in life. I cursed each day of my life because it was full of challenges. My grandmother took her efforts of searching for me and only found me in Dandora slums, a very arrogant and dirty boy. She took me back home where I joined a nearby school. It was while in Ruai that I met Brother Kennedy who welcomed me to his school. In the school I am very happy with my fellow students and am able to get three meals a day which I didn’t get back at home. The Centre is a home for us, where we find love and care which we don’t get in our families. May God Bless Brother Kennedy for giving hope back in my life. Through the guidance and counseling offered at the Centre I am able to heal from the wounds of self-denial and hatred. I am happy at school as am able to exercise my talent as a comedian. I would like to be an artist where I would use my music to teach other children on the dangers of drugs.

St Charles Lwanga School Choir

This video is of the St Charles Lwanga School Choir under the direction of Geoffrey the school choir director.
Geoffrey is a student of Betty Jane Cameron.
It is so heart warming to hear the beautiful voices of the Lwanga school children.

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