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Obituary Sharon Awour Adhiambo (Student at St Charles Lwanga)


It is with deep sorrow to announce the sudden demise of SHARON AWOUR ADHIAMBO, age 17, who is our student in form three (grade 11) class. She passed on after a short period of illness at Nazareth hospital on 26th/September 2016 at 7:00pm in Nairobi. Sharon was obedient, bright and hardworking girl. She was admitted in our school as an orphan. She has been living positively throughout her life. Sharon was staying with her sister in Nairobi who is also jobless, she was the second born of four. We therefore appeal to well-wishers and friends to help us foot hospital bills and burial expenses. The hospital bill is kshs 41,980 ($428 USD) and the burial expenses of kshs 100,000 ($1,020 USD) total to $1,448 USD to cater for the body to be moved from Nairobi to Kisumu.  
Your prayers and contributions will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Br John Kennedy Oronjo,
School director

Note: Sharon’s body will not be released from the hospital for burial until the hospital bill is paid and most likely will not be available for burial until the burial fees are paid. This is a customary practice in Kenya.

September 2016 Report



Learning is in progress and the teachers and students are on their toes to ensure that they complete the syllabus and help the children acquire quality education.

Success story
My name is Roy Njagi a Form Two student in St. Charles Lwanga Children’s Centre and Secondary School. Allow me to share my story with you. I grew up in a family of three and everything seemed to work out well until one day when my dad started behaving in a strange manner to us. He suddenly stopped taking up his responsibilities as he used to, he could no longer provide for the family food and other basic needs. Any time he was asked for food he could get  violent and chase us away despite the time of the night. We dropped out of school, as my mother could not afford to provide education and the basic needs to us. I felt much pain in my heart and I wondered what I could do to get my family out of the situation. I blamed and cursed every bit of my life as we could go hungry for days without hope of getting the solution to our challenges. Later my dad divorced my mother and since then she has been taking full responsibility as a parent. I am happy to have joined St. Charles Lwanga as I have been able to acquire an education, fed well with three meals a day which I hardly ever had, have shelter and medical care with  the help of Brother Kennedy  and friends. May God bless him and all our school benefactors for giving us hope in our lives.

I (Roy) have a poem in appreciation for the dormitory.
I come with full gratitude to our benefactors of Boornbergum from Netherlands,
Who helped us in building our new dormitory together with our friend Berend,
The dormitory has have been there, our  rest place for a very long time,
You’ve always been there when I needed you,
Oh ! Dormitory, I cannot thank you enough.
When I come exhausted from learning,
You always keep my dreams safe,
And give a chance to dream on,
About my future and life after school,
You give me hope for tomorrow,
Oh! Dormitory I cannot thank you enough.
You’ve always been there for my brothers and sisters,
You protect us from the mosquitoes and other dangerous insects,
What else can we wish for apart from your great walls to remain strong,
Oh! Dormitory I cannot thank you enough.
As I wrap up my quest,
I salute your great occupation as you have accommodated most of us,
Words are not enough to express our gratitude to you,
Oh ! Dormitory, I cannot thank you enough.

Inverness County Cares Hall
A poem about the multipurpose hall prepared by Lamech Mutunga in form two
We thank the Inverness County Cares in Canada ,
For helping us in the building of our multipurpose hall,
Our hall, where we meet during recreation activities,
We assemble there for our debates,
We gather there for our parading after exams,
It is actually useful to our school.
Our hall, the place where we take our food,
After taking meals prepared by our cooks,
The most hygienic place in our school,
It is actually useful to our school.
Our hall when motivational speakers come,
We all assemble to go and get knowledge,
Where we can fit and wait to get the best,
It is actually useful to our school.
During occasions, our hall is where we go,
We take our weekly thanks giving mass,
It is actually useful to our school.

A poem about the clinic prepared by Sharon Kerubo in form two.
The School Clinic
I thank the chalice foundation
For setting up our school clinic
And for buying medicines we use
It is a clinic full of unity
Living with people as a community
Which leads prosperity
With the people surrounding it
Any matters on medication
The clinic is always there
To take responsibility of the patient
With the help of the clinic officer
It has made it easier for all students
To get treatment and not like the
Past years where we had to get medication far from the school .
And for this students are not at
Any risk of getting ill whether
During the day or at night
As students we are happy for the clinic
On behalf of the school
We take a hand to thank
All benefactors who took a
Hand in the facilitation of our school clinic
May God bless you all

A poem about the kitchen prepared by Daisy in form 3
The Martha Kitchen
During those days, people suffered severely
No room for cooking, not enough firewood
Dust was everywhere, no proper utensils
Diseases were everywhere, no doctors available
Oh! Stomach ache headache, no medicine available
A day came, oh ! It  was so good
Masons appeared, students were surprised
Construction started, oh a beautiful house
Guess what was written, Martha kitchen
Wow wonderful indeed, hygiene was restored
Sickness reduced rapidly, students got back to class
Hygiene food was prepared, no dust and dirt
Doctors relaxed, students became healthy,
Ooh life became sweet, students studied happily
Pass, pass, pass, students passed exams.
Thank you brother Kennedy, students shouted
Thank you Martha sisters , the teachers sang
Thank you our Dalbrae students, the cooks whispered
Thank you our friends, all the workers shouted
The song of appreciation was all over our faces.

A poem about computer lab prepared by Brian Okoth in Form 3
The Computer Laboratory
I thank Berend for helping us in becoming computer literate children
I had interest, but had no facilities
I knew nothing, but that was before
Am now the best, computer literate boy.
When our laboratory was built and computer in it
We had lessons that had great impact in us
I am now the best, computer literate boy
Flipping my fingers from the keyboard to mouse
While the cursor, moved from one corner to the other
Am now the best, computer literate boy
I can make a result sheet, and also a marking scheme
I can decorate and design a wedding card
I am now the best, computer literate boy

Poem about the school van prepared by Victor Onyango in form 3
The School Van
We thank the chalice foundation
For buying our school the school van
Yes!!! , transportation was now made easier in our school
But with my own art I drew the school van
Since then we have been using the van for our academic trips
Which has boosted and enhanced our learning
The school has also been very helpful
To the students especially those who get medical refer
They are able, to be transported easily.

We appreciate every effort made by the Boornbergum foundation, Chalice foundation, Inverness County Cares, Dalbrae students, friends and all our benefactors in facilitating the smooth learning of our Centre. May God bless you all.

This week we had visitors, Sister Felly and her friends who came to educate the girls on the reusable sanitary towels, the girls were very happy as this was great knowledge impacted on them but they did not like the idea as they are used to the disposable sanitary towels.

Report prepared by
Florence Maina , Social worker

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