Month: October 2016

New latrines

It is with much joy in our hearts that we the St. Charles Lwanga fraternity wish to express our gratitude to Chalice Canada in collaboration with Inverness County Cares for their continued support in social needs especially in the facilitation of the construction of the new latrines. The new latrines were constructed to cater for two for the boys joined with urinal pits and two for the girls. Attached are pictorials for various activities towards the construction of the latrines.
The project commenced well by assembling of the construction materials such as sand, stones, cement, ballast, metal rods, wire mesh, timber. This was quite essential as it helped in ensuring that work was in progress.
After assembling the materials, the ground on which the latrines were to be dug was marked and the excavation started immediately.
Thank you
Report prepared by:
Florence Maina
The pictures below are in reverse order.

Tributes to Sharon Awuor 



Sharon above and Sharon and her friend Daisy
The late Sharon Awour was born on 10th Oct 1997, she was a daughter of the late Felistus Anyango and a sister to Emily Achieng, Mitchell Atieno and Stefano Bazu .She was the second born in a family of four children. Their parents passed on while they were still very young and their elder sister Emily was left to take care of the other siblings. This has not being easy for her, as she doesn’t have a job to support the family with their education and basic needs. She is now left with the responsibility of two younger sisters in primary school and is positively living. The late Sharon joined St. Charles Lwanga Children Centre in 2015 for her secondary school education as she couldn’t fit in the other schools where they could pay school fees and other school expenses; she was also subjected to too much stigma and segregation from friends and classmates in her former school as she was positively living. But this was no more in St. Charles Lwanga as she found much joy with the students she interacted with, care and much love as everybody enjoyed interacting and sharing with her. She studied, shared meals with other students freely without any segregation. The late Sharon started feeling unwell in second term where she complained of very painful backache and was treated in our school dispensary .The pain persisted and the school adviced her for further medication where she was taken to Nairobi West hospital and was admitted. She felt better and was discharged from the hospital but later after two weeks she started experiencing painful backache .She was taken to Nazareth Hospital where she was diagnosed of meningitis. She passed on in the same hospital while undergoing treatment on 26th Oct 2016.Her body was brought to St. Joseph Fraidnadmetz Catholic Church where the school had organized for her requiem mass. The body was laid to rest on 8th Oct 2016 at her home in Siaya County Kisumu.
May her soul rest in eternal peace. Amen 
We St. Charles Lwanga children Centre fraternity wish to pass our most felt gratitude to Inverness County cares and Chalice Foundation for their continued support and most especially in settling the late Sharon’s hospital bill and burial expenses. Thank you so much for your generous contribution.

Prepared by Athman Shee
Tribute to Sharon  
Someone said, “Time is our most precious commodity and once it passes it is lost forever.” Sharon, there was indeed a time we hanged out, ate, talked and laughed together but all that is gone now and what is left are just memories.
A Lawyer as we loved to call you, you were born a star, remained so and even died a golden star .you touched our lives in many ways, we admired, loved and adored you greatly. A call from you always brought a smile on our faces.
We miss you sister, you made such a huge difference especially in our class form three. Back at Nazareth hospital you promised to come back, you dint know but now we know the reason why “Good people go too soon, they have only a short time to leave their footprints in the sand of time”

Prepared by Daisy
Tribute to Sharon Sharon was a sister and friend to all of us very hardworking and always appeared among the top as she was very bright, intelligent and very active .She was a great debater and journalism member. She started the journalism club which turned out to be the biggest club in our school. Her biggest dream was to be a lawyer and fight for human rights .To make her dreams come true, we should all work hard especially those who want to become lawyers as she did. When we went to visit her at Nazareth hospital she mentioned brother Kennedy and said she wanted to be with him. At Nairobi, she said, “When I will be with brother, I will be okay”. She loved to stay at school, as it was her home.
The days we had, the memories we shared, the moments we enjoyed together, the affection you showed towards us will forever stick in our minds.The restless days and sleepless nights we spent, the sorrows we shared but up to now we can’t believe that you walked away from air lives. You are lying before us too breathless to argue. We will miss every part of you, treasure all the time we spent together. We are mourning your solemn dignity. May your soul rest in eternal peace. Amen
R.I.P Our dear Sharon.

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