Month: June 2017

Br. Kennedy’s 10th Anniversary Celebration.

The celebration was an inspiration and an encouragement to people who have journeyed with Brother Kennedy in his Charity work. The great transformation in the children’s education, health and hygiene is an indication of their efforts and that of Brother Kennedy.

We the St. Charles Lwanga family wish to register our most sincere gratitude to friends, benefactors and everybody who made Brother Kennedy’s 10th Anniversary day a success through their material, spiritual, moral and financial support. The celebration was one of a kind as it brought much joy, happiness and a lot of inspiration to Brother Kennedy, his family and all the friends who joined him in celebrating his great victory of helping the needy. It was also an emotional moment for the crowd as Brother Kennedy shared his life story, the thick and thin situations he underwent in his childhood and what inspired him to start charity work. He encouraged everybody to put God first and to remain focused and determined in their dreams. People came in large numbers from different communities and locations, old and the young with so many gifts and cards to encourage Brother Kennedy in his noble work. Others had touching entertainment presentations while others danced to the tune of the music.

A photo of the family members led by Fr. Joseph Oronjo as they presented their gifts.

Children from St. Martin Children Centre and Vianney Academy as they entertained the visitors with their humorous songs and dances.

This was a very inspiring moment for Brother Kennedy as he received gifts, flowers and cards from children in tertiary level and a women’s group from Rodi-Homabay.

The choir members also graced the occasion with their sweet voices as they sang during the mass celebration.

Later, after mass, the tables were set and everybody ate to their fullest since there were different meals prepared all together. To sum it all, we appreciate everybody for your kind and generous support towards the Anniversary and for making the day a success.  Article  by Florence Wairimu Maina

June 2017

This week has been a wonderful and quite a busy week, as the students were engaged much in their class work and in preparing for their cultural day celebrations. The students woke up very joyful as they welcomed the long awaited day, each student was eager to share their traditions and cultural practices. There were a number of items that the students had prepared for their cultural day such as traditional dances, poems and drama all aiming at educating the young people on the forgotten cultural practices.

It was quite a competitive competition for Mr. and Miss culture as each student had his/her unique cultural practice.

This was a traditional dance from the students.

The day was later crowned by the competition for Mr. and Miss St. Charles Lwanga where the judges had quite a hard decision in determining the winner. All the students were the best because they have done their best.

Thomas PRI-Training

The SCL fraternity wishes to pass their most sincere gratitude to friends from Vermont and the University of Vermont -Mary Lynn Riggs, Sam Hagen and Marrissa, for their kind and generous support towards the sponsorship of Thomas training at the PRI-Kenya institute and the agricultural project at the school. This has been a transformative moment for Thomas and the school at large as he has learnt so much on agriculture which he is able to share with the students. The students are so much encouraged and they are so happy to work with Thomas in his new agricultural project.

Thomas at the training where he learned different ways of improving the soil fertility.

Brother Kennedys 10yrs Anniversary

We are happy to invite friends and our benefactors to Brother Kennedy’s 10 years anniversary, which will be held at his home in Homabay on 17th June 2017. He will be celebrating 10 years in brotherhood where he has made tremendous impact in transforming lives and giving hope to the poor especially the young generation. During the period of his religious life, he has spent most of his time working for the poor and street children in his village and Nairobi city by providing education, food, shelter, medical care and advocating for the children rights. He has also brought hope to so many families through empowering the young women who can now gladly take care of their families happily.

Due to his outstanding leadership qualities, good will to the community, selfless heart to help the needy, honesty, diligence, patience among others, Brother Kennedy will be hosting over 500 visitors among them students and staff from SCL who will be more than happy to celebrate the victory of one of our own.

Come all, let’s support him by giving him hope, financial and moral support gifts and cards to encourage him in his noble task of charity and mission to help the needy.

Brother Kennedy with some of the beneficially students.

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