We are happy to be back at school after a short holiday while our country was conducting the general elections. During that time were living with our guardians and families of good will who agreed to offer us some shelter. Happiness is all over our faces as we are back to school and as we received a warm welcome from Brother Kennedy and the staff members who issued us with books, pens, toiletries and other personal items in preparation to learn. There was a sign of relief on the faces of most of us as were not sure about coming back to school due to the tension in the slum areas of Kibera and Mathare. There were post-election protests and the only sounds we could hear were those of gunshots. We are happy that our country is now calm and most people are back to their normal duties.


My name is James Ndungu (photo above). I am 14 years old, a student in the form one class and very excited to be back to school after the tense elections. I am the third born in a family of five siblings where my mother is the sole breadwinner of the family. My mother always struggles to provide for our basic needs as she has no permanent job. I have one leg which is impaired and this makes me feel neglected and left out as other children play. I am happy at St. Charles Lwanga School as the children here accept me the way I am and I am able to play and share with the other children. I am also grateful to Brother Kennedy and all the school benefactors for giving me a chance to study, have access to food, shelter and medical care which my family can hardly afford. I aspire to be a doctor to reach out all children with special needs and disability like me and provide medical assistance to them. I have learnt to be grateful in all things and in all situations, God bless St. Charles Lwanga, Inverness County and Chalice Foundation for supporting us. Thanks

Alice Kwamboka (photo above)  is a sixteen-year-old girl schooling at St. Charles Lwanga Children Centre Secondary School in form two (grade 10). She is a well-behaved, disciplined girl who is an average student and suffers from rheumatic heart disease, which affects her studies and she help to undergo surgery. This condition has really affected her studies and her health for a very long time since the year 2013. When she was still in primary school this caused her to stay at home instead of being in school. When her symptoms are extreme it happens that her body swells making her unable to move, she experiences back pains and severe chest pains, which are unbearable. Alice has one parent called Jackline Mokeira who is a single mother and has a spinal cord problem, which makes it hard for her to work and sustain the family. Alice is a second born child in a family of four. The eldest sibling is 19 years old, the third born are twins aged 14 years both in class 8. Alice lives with her elderly grandmother in a single roomed house in Ruai area. She is working hard to achieve her dream of being a surgeon to help treat people with similar conditions as her. She is urging all well wishers to help her undergo an operation to correct the situation so that she can proceed well with her studies and help the family in future. For a more detailed report on her situation

contact Br Kennedy kennedyoronjo@yahoo.com

or Inverness County Cares  colmac27@gmail.com.

We are grateful to Brother Kennedy, Inverness County Cares and the Chalice Foundation for their continued and timely support towards our school.