Education for improved life style

It’s with much joy and happiness in our hearts that we wish to express our gratitude to the UVM students together with their lecturers for their transforming workshop that they conducted in our communities. The St Charles Lwanga (SCL) and Rodi community will forever be grateful for the great impact you made in their lives especially with the purchase of a water tank that will help the children in Rodi have access to safe and clean water for drinking. The workshop was a full course experience on water purification, health, culture and women health. The whole process was very engaging and this gave us a chance to learn from each other. The interaction and the sharing created wonderful memories in our hearts that keeps us moving on our daily lives.

The health group with Dr. Farryl

This was a very wonderful group well-coordinated by Dr. Farryl, the students really learned a lot on how they can improve their health by cleaning their hands frequently with soap which they can easily make by themselves and learning to clean their teeth with very affordable home made toothpaste. Both the soap and the toothpaste are environmental friendly therefore good for our health. We are happy that the students at SCL are making more soap and helping the needy children at the school.

The bicycle group by Dr. Jane and Jeff

This was a very interesting group as so many people could not believe the magic power in a bicycle. It was so amazing on how helpful the bicycle can be in generating power to charge the cell phones and also in making smoothies that the young children in Rodi can use to feed on.

The water group by Engineer Peter.

This was an awesome group, Engineer Peter with the help of Thomas coordinated and managed their group well where the students learned so much on water purification, gave them a chance to review the 3 year plan and also came up with more strategies on water purification and conservation.

Women health by DR. Mary Lynn

This was an amazing group well coordinated and organized by Mary Lynn who journeyed with the women throughout the workshop. She went an extra mile of even visiting them at their homes to exactly understand what they really need to better their lives. Certificates crowned the workshop, which was really an encouragement to the women.

To sum it all, once again thank you for you kind and generous support towards our projects, we pray that our partnership may grow stronger where we can touch more people and improve their livelihood in one way or another.

Thank you and God bless you