Teaching the minds, touching hearts.

This week has been a very wonderful week with learning going on well. The children are busy with their studies and enjoying their group discussions which are held outside the class. In the discussion groups each child is busy and eager to learn from one another in readiness of their mid-term examinations which tests what they have learnt for the past two months.

Students taking their mid-term examination (below).

Talent Thursday

This is a special day for the students and each one of them longs for the day. It is a day of experiential learning that helps the student break the classroom boredom also gives them a chance to broaden their class knowledge and understanding. This Thursday the students were demonstrating the various set books they study for literature. The teachers and the students were so happy on how well the students understood and demonstrated the set books.

Youth club  The school has different clubs such as journalism, drama, youth and scouts, where students divide themselves into the various clubs and take up an activity. On Saturday the youth members were responsible for making the tank stand where the other students can get access to safe and clean water for drinking. They are also responsible for the agricultural practice in the school where they plant vegetables on broken buckets and boxes to supplement their feeding program.