Girls’ work shop

The St Charles Lwanga family are very happy with the madam teachers in the school for organizing a very inspiring workshop for the girls. The teachers worked in partnership with some local organization to make the work a success. Each girl was to make her vision board which comprised of those people/items that speaks to them, items/persons that inspires them,items/persons that motivates them, their career choices and also their role models in the society. The process was very interesting, engaging and fun for the girls as they were given some magazines to cut out the above information. Each girl was given the chance to share the information in her vision board. The teachers were surprised on how rich the boards were filled with amazing information from the hearts of the children. This was a very touching and inspiring moment for the teachers as they listened to how the girls were focused on changing their world today and how passionate they were in sharing their visions. They later gave each girl some sanitary towels to motivate them to work hard in achieving their very able visions and dreams for a better society.

The girl from the right side is called Emma Wambui and in her vision board, she had the title Africa with different pictures of young women and quotes about Africa girl children. What speaks to her is the position of the girl child in the African communities, she feel the African girl is left out in decision making, has no voice in what happens in her life. Emma would like to be a designer and work with the young girls and communities in promoting gender equality, to have the girls’ voices heard in the society in terms of education, job opportunities, political positions, marriage life and other aspects of life.

Teachers workshop facilitated by Puerto Rico friends .

This term, the school was privileged to host Puerto Rico friends ie: Ana Yris, Siri Rolon and Jorge Luis who came to offer some workshop to the teachers on how to make learning much easier and interesting to the learners. They addressed five key elements

1.personal exploration

2.rights and responsibilities

3.saving and spending

4.planning and budgeting financial expertise

The workshop was very instrumental to the teachers and here a few points that teachers learned from the workshop.

Class management – the teachers were educated on how to manage their classes especially when the children have a discussion, they were encouraged to give each child a chance to speak by use of a doll where the child holding the doll should speak first and pass it over to the next person and in so doing there will be less noise in the classes.

80/20 model – in this the teachers were encouraged to make learning process more participatory, interesting and engaging to the learners where the learner contributes 80% of the learning process and the teacher facilitates only 20%. This helps the learners to own the learning process and the children get encouraged to participate and do research.

Funthe teacher were encouraged to make the learning process more fun and the same time give knowledge –deep knowledge depending on the topic. This will encourage creative thinking among the children and will also encourage the learners to find the root cause and solution to their immediate challenges they are addressing.

The teachers working together as a team –in this model the teachers were encouraged to work with the learners in activities that bring them together to solve a problem.

Group discussion addressing the social challenges that are affecting the schools today and how the teachers play a vital role in helping the children overcome or fight the social challenges eg: by educating the children on their right and responsibilities.

The workshop was crowned by each teacher receiving a rose flower and also a certificate of participation. The teachers were very happy and well equipped with knowledge on how they going to understand their learners and communicate the language of love to the students to making more interesting and easy to understand.

Visitors from Chalice foundation Canada.

The week was very busy though we were privileged to have visitors from Chalice foundation Canada who visited our school, did an audit and assessment of the activities and program offered at the school. This was a very informative process to the SCL staff as every staff member was able to learn something new in their line of duty. The SCl family are very happy and appreciative to Chalice foundation for conducting the exercise as it helped the staff members to broadened their ideas in record keeping and also got motivated in handling and providing the services to the children.

Brother Kennedy with the Chalice staff assessing the newly built latrine for the boys.

Co-curriculum activates –sports

Last weekend was very busy as most of the students and staff members were out for their sports activities. The students were able to participate in an inter-school football competition for all the schools located within Njiru ward in Nairobi County. We are very happy for the school teams, they made the school proud and carried the school name high by being the best teams in both girls and boys competition. The school is very happy with the teachers who worked tirelessly in training the children, brother Kennedy, Chalice foundation, Inverness County Cares and Puerto Rico friends for offering either their material, moral and financial support towards the school in promoting talents development program.

Thank you.