Today was the first day of the International Youth Cultural and Environmental Leadership Conference, sponsored by Green Across the Pacific. Green Across the Pacific envisions a network of international high schools dedicated to effective virtual Youth Environmental Leadership Programs and Exchange through small group study addressing meaningful challenges and implementing Youth Strategies for Solutions to these challenges. This will introduce students around the world to other cultures and culturally sensitive solutions through environmental study
This conference will create emerging models for virtual exchange between cultures and school systems. These models will be developed by a core group of students and educators in Vermont, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Models will empower youth through small group study addressing meaningful environmental challenges and developing culturally sensitive solutions to these challenges. Virtual exchange with students in Puerto Rico and Senegal will also offer an opportunity for reciprocal language acquisition. During 2015, founding partner schools will initiate and implement protocols for exchange using current technology. Successes and challenges will be documented with an eye toward future improvement and expansion. Virtual exchange will be punctuated by reciprocal physical exchange using Green Across the Pacific’s existing programs with China and Japan as well as new programs in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Americas with a focus on developing a partnership with additional schools in other regions.

Br John Kennedy  is attending as well as representatives from: Dalbrea Academy, NS, Canada, Inverness County Cares, Nova Scotia, Canada, Nuestra Esquela, Puerto Rico, and many other or organizations.