Introducing a new member of the St Charles Lwanga School Team: Bro Sylvester Okoth
By Bro Sylvester Okoth (B.S.C.L).
To majority of people struggling for survival in this tough economic environment, great efforts of making ends meet are often met with disappointment and hopelessness. Some simply decide to quit the battle without giving it a second thought. What would be the driving force? Pessimism! Such individuals either don’t understand the role played by “hope” in our lives, or simply are not open to possibility of a bright future. Sincerely speaking, nobody under the sun can tell with exactness what will happen in the future, either soon or later. We all struggle to achieve happiness basing our efforts on potentiality but actualization is indefinite, yet it is hope that keeps the pursuit ongoing. Indeed, hope that things will be better or plans will work out is what keeps us going.

As a newly professed member of the institute of Brothers of St Charles Lwanga, I had never imagined how this precious gift of hope, can be channeled into the lives of the less-privileged in the society. This possibility dawned to me when I was appointed to St. Charles Lwanga Secondary school in Ruai- Nairobi (Kenya) to assist Br.John Kennedy Oronjo in running the Rehabilitation Centre which is integrated with Secondary Education Programme.
When I set my feet into the centre hardly a week ago, I was impressed by the initiative and great effort put in place by the “director” and the “well-wishers” to ensure that the students, most of whom are street children and thus from desperately poor backgrounds, are empowered to feel accepted and loved in the society.
In a special way, I want to thank our donors and everybody of good will who have chipped in to help the project remain operational. I want you to feel important and proud for your open-heartedness is putting warmth and rays of hope in the lifestyle of such needy children. May the Good Lord reward you abundantly for the tireless efforts of creating   a world where everyone gets along despite heartbreaking challenges of the current society.

Bro. Sylvester Okoth, apart from teaching at the Centre, will be handling “peer guidance and counseling” ,liturgy, “catechism instruction”, “school choir training” and occasional facilitation of straight talks on “self-responsibility”, “communication media influence on today’s youth”, and “integrated human sexuality”. All this efforts are aimed at providing the students with an opportunity to gradually attain personal growth and development, thus achievement of a holistic personality.     


Brother Sylvester Okoth