Inverness County Cares (ICC) encourages partnerships with other organizations supporting the St Charles Lwanga School. Although we all maintain our own identity and financial affairs, working together toward a common goal strengthens our ability to obtain funding. The knowledge that a number of associations have confidence in the honesty and genuine need of the St Charles Lwanga School is a boost to our public image. Keeping this in mind, Colleen MacLeod, communications and web presence for St Charles Lwanga, paid a visit to Nuestra Escuela in Puerto Rico (with all expenses incurred covered personally by Colleen). This visit to our sister school was to promote cooperation between our organizations and provide a personal link between our two societies.  Nuestra Escuela proved to be all and more that we expected. A very personal organization helping youth at risk by giving them a second chance in a school environment tailored to fit their diverse needs. Classes are grouped by interest, instead of age or grade and given the opportunity to tailor their curriculum to their situation and interests. The organization employs between 60-70 people and about 30% are former graduates.

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