Brother Kennedy’s son, Mr. Emmanuel’s graduation ceremony

Point of clarification: Emmanuel is not Br Kennedy’s biological son, for in Kenya anyone may refer to somebody as a son or a daughter especially if you are a guardian to the person, in fact all the children refer to Br. Kennedy as their father. Brother Kennedy has journeyed with Mr Emmanuel all his life as he has being living right at the centre.  He came to ST Charles Lwanga  four year ago as a needy child after completing his form four education and could not proceed to college, due to lack of fee as he comes from a poor family that could not afford to pay for his college. Brother Kennedy helped him to join the University for his degree education where he has completed and graduated with a second class honors and qualifies for masters. While at St Charles Lwanga he has being teaching part time and also helping in the boarding section. He is the first student to graduate with a university degree, the others have been doing certificates and diplomas. Emmanuel has passed highly and he qualifies for masters degree. 

This was a very great moment to the whole school as they celebrated the victory of one of their own. St. Charles Lwanga children Centre is a home where dreams become a reality and the students can rise to any level of the education.

This week has being a very inspiring week to Brother Kennedy, staff members and the students as they celebrated the victory of one of the teachers Mr. Emmanuel who celebrated his graduation ceremony at the Centre. This was a very encouraging moment to the students as they shared their aspiration and how much they aspired to one-day graduate in different courses. Brother Kennedy was proud and much encouraged by his son, Mr. Emmanuel for his hard work and commitment to his studies. Tears of joy rolled out Brother Kennedy as he celebrated the victory of his son. He has educated Mr. Emmanuel and other children through great sacrifice of his pocket money and promised to support him in his masters level. May God bless Brother Kennedy for his selfless heart to help the needy.

Brother Kennedy congratulating one of his sons Mr. Emmanuel for his hard work at school.

Teachers and students also congratulated their college and teacher for his hard work at school.

The students shared a meal with the grandaunt.

Academic clinic day

On Saturday the school held an academic clinic day for the form ones and two where the guardians had a one on one conversation with the teachers on the progress of the students. The guardians were very happy on the remarkable academic improvement amongst the students. They were very grateful to Brother Kennedy, school administration and the teachers for the good work they are doing in ensuring that the students get education, food and medical care in fact they affiliated the good academic performance to good feeding program.