Happiness is all over the children faces as they resume their classes for the new term and also for the construction of the new latrines. The boys especially are very happy for additional latrines, they are strong, well ventilated and do not stand a chance of sinking. The St. Charles Lwanga School community is very grateful to Chalice Foundation and Inverness County Cares for their support in constructing the new latrines.

Attached are various pictorials of activities involved in the construction, assembling the materials, excavating the land, construction of the latrine and finally painting.

Feeding program

The students are filled with much joy in their hearts, as they off load a pickup that had brought foodstuffs in the school. They express their gratitude and some of the students say that it is a gift to be in school and have access food on a daily basis. Our stores are stocked with food stuffs such as maize, beans, rice, sugar, cooking fat and salt in readiness for the coming term.

Mini cultural day

The students happily organized for a mini-cultural day in preparation for the mega-cultural day in June. Their excitement toward the function was greatly shown by the energy they demonstrated as they practiced for the day, some students practiced traditional songs and dances, drama, music, modeling and creative art which were well guided by the teachers. The winning classes were motivated with a gift to help them do more for the next cultural day. This was a great day in the school, each students had to do something different to bring out that which they are best in (talent development).

Alice’s Story.

My name is Alice Kwamboka a seventeen year old studying at St. Charles Lwanga Children’s Centre and Secondary School in form three. I am the second born in a family of four. The eldest sibling is 19 years old, the third born are twins aged 14 years both in class 8. I am from a single mother who a problem with her spinal cord which makes it hard for her to work. I live with my elderly grandmother who is taking care of my mother and I. She can hardly work and therefore getting food to put on the table, catering for the medication is a big challenge for her.

I am working very hard at school though I have rheumatic heart disease which affects my studies as sometimes am on and off class to attend my clinics. The heart condition started in 2013 when I was still in primary school and this forced me to stay at home instead of being in school. When the condition is at the extreme, my body swells making me unable to move, I experience back pains and severe chest pains, which are unbearable.

I am grateful for those who provide me with shelter, 3 meals in day and a chance to study. I am also happy, for the support I have been given, and the help in facilitating my clinic charges and also my education where I receive books and other articles. I need to undergo an operation to clear the problem and I hope I can proceed with my studies and help my family in future. I am working hard to achieve my dreams of being a surgeon to help treat people with similar conditions as mine.

To sum it all, we want to appreciate all our benefactors, Chalice Foundation, Inverness County Cares, friends and people of good will for their continued support toward our school. God bless you.