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      Berend de Boer – Gerda de Boer- Siemen de Boer

Boornbergum for Kenya is charitable organization based in Boornbergum, Friesland, Netherlands. We have been working for the underprivileged in Kenya since 2010. Our organization consists of Berend de Boer, Siemen de Boer and Gerda de Boer (no relation) and we work to help the underprivileged in Kenya. We offer support to the children of the St. Charles Lwanga School in Ruai, Nairobi. In addition, when Berend is working on the projects or charities in Kenya, he regularly meets needy people in his travels and offers whatever help he can. Since he frequently visits the projects we support, he is able to continually monitor the support sites and make sure the projects are progressing as expected.

Berend de Boer lives in Nijbeets, a small village in the north of the Netherlands. He has visited the beautiful country of Kenya more than 100 times.

Berend visits Brother John Kennedy, at the St Charles Lwanga School, on a regular basis. This site is a special project with which he has a unique bond and he supports it as much as he can. Berend organizes Kenya tours, where he takes people on a journey to show the beauty of the country and to visit locations were individuals and groups have been assisted and given a better life through donors in the Netherlands.

Over 28 years ago, Berend de Boer visited Kenya for the first time. Now in 2018 he has been there more than 100 times.



By Berend de Boer

In 1990 I visited Kenya for the first time with colleagues on a business trip. During this trip we met a doctor who had resigned from his position at a hospital in order to start helping AIDS patients in a small building next to the hospital. At that point in time AIDS patients all died from this debilitating disease and people could only be helped with painkillers, which made the suffering and pain a little more bearable. Nairobi Hospice Holland, came into existence as a result of the meeting with this doctor and we supported his work. This project resulted in the establishment of about 12 hospice locations in Kenya. For more than 13 years, we provided painkilling medication for the AIDS clinic. The Nairobi Hospices have since closed their doors, for now there is advanced medication for the AIDS patients to help them live productive lives.

In 2002/2003, the previously mentioned doctor was involved in a land purchase in Mago, which is a very poor area in the west of Kenya. The plan was to build a school in one of the poorest areas with the aim that this school would be the most affordable technical school in the region. In 2005 the technical school, which taught trades, was opened and later a hotel school was also built. My job was and still is, sponsoring students and arranging technical matters at the school. Since the project has received an Algemeen Nut Boegende Instelling (ANBI) charitable status, donors and sponsors feel confident with its standing and pay visits to the school. These visits to the guesthouse, generates revenue for the school and provides funds to pay the teachers. The guesthouse is a charming place to stay for a week or so, while visiting this beautiful area of Kenya.

During one of the visits to the school I developed health problems. I went to the Elizabeth Mukumu Hospital and was advised to return to the Netherlands immediately. While in the hospital in Mukumu, I met Brother John Kennedy. He arranged for me to return safely to Nairobi and arranged a flight home to the Netherlands. I am very grateful to him for that.

About six months later Brother John Kennedy called me. He wanted to start a project to help street children from the streets of Nairobi and give these children a chance for a new beginning. I had promised him that if I could do something for him, I would help him. That’s how I came to support and help when ever possible.

Brother John Kennedy is now in charge of the St. Charles Lwanga Children’s School in Nairobi. I support this project with computers, school desks, beds, mattresses, food and many more things. To earn revenue I take people on tours to visit this school. With a lot of love and passion, Br John Kennedy and his staff take care of more than 280 teenagers.

When visiting Brother John Kennedy, I met Ann Njeri who was located approximately 100 meters from the site of Brother John Kennedy’s school. She was at that time, taking care of 3 handicapped children and did this with full dedication and love. I decided to support her to the best of my ability. Presently, there are more than 85 children at her facility, all with physical or mental disabilities. These special children live in the disabled school where every day they are lovingly cared for by the more than 25 volunteers.

Our work in Kenya had expanded and we have been able to help more and more people including a school for the deaf and a school for handicapped in the Mago neighbourhood. During my visits to Kenya, I meet countless people who need help in different ways and I try to help them the best way I can. Since I have visited Kenya more than 100 times we have been able to offer a lot of help to the people who need it so badly. —Berend de Boer

 Charity Trip

 Berend de Boer has been organizing the charity trips for many years. During a trip in February 2018, we visited the St. Charles Lwanga Children’s School. After a very warm welcome by the students and the management, we were able to conduct wonderful discussions with the students. It is good to share information about each other’s lives and to talk about this together with the students and teachers.

Medications and dressings

The medical practice of “de Hoek” from Nijbeets, Netherlands, has donated medicines and dressings for the school clinic. Dr. Stadt is a general practitioner in Nijbeets and regularly makes donations. During our visit in February 2018, Boornbergum donated new beds and school benches to the school in Kenya. All this was made possible by a donation from the ecclesiastical community of Boornbergum. A local Kenyan entrepreneur was hired to make the beds and school desks. As an out of the country organization, we make every effort to buy Kenyan goods and supplies whenever possible. When we cannot do this, we transport relief goods to Nairobi via air-freight, for example, the school received several computers in September 2017.

 Maize and Beans

 The main food in Kenya is corn and beans. With the support of friends and relatives in Netherlands, we as a group have been able to contribute funds for food and we buy maize and beans in Nairobi. We deliver it personally to the school, providing the school with three months of food.


Kenya Travel

For several years, Berend de Boer has been hosting tours to Kenya. This is a journey in which the culture and scenic nature of Kenya is highlighted. During these trips Berend visits various charities we are involved with, including the school of Br. John Kennedy at the St. Charles Lwanga Children’s School in Nairobi.

A regular part of the trip is a visit to Mago, a small village with about 6000 inhabitants where our Polytechnic school and the Guesthouse are located. During their stay, our guests experience the unique hospitality of this teaching lodge, where they are welcomed to experience a comfortable relaxing stay at our facility. The Mago Guesthouse is located on the school grounds of the Mago Youth Polytechnic school where through work apprenticeship, they study under the supervision of well-trained teachers.

A visit to the incredible Masai Mara should not be missed. Berend de Boer is an experienced, competent safari guide who can provide you with a safe and amazing, experience. Being immersed into the natural habitat of exotic African animals is an adventure that must not be missed. During this trip, anything is possible. You can tailor your trip to your interests and follow the knowledgeable suggestions of your guide.

If you are interested in participating in a trip to Kenya, you can contact us via the e-mail address below or by phone. We will try to accommodate your preferred dates. Please indicate the number in your group, our maximum is 6/7 people.

If you have questions about these (charity) trips, you can always contact Berend, Siemen or Gerda de Boer. There are many possibilities available.

Berend de Boer

Tel: +31 653 24 76 20

Siemen +31 615 33 74 88

Gerda +31 630 90 76 07

From the Netherlands we try to offer help in Kenya in various ways. Under the direction of Berend de Boer we hope to offer help and support in Kenya for many years to come.

On behalf of Boornbergum voor Kenia

Berend, Siemen en Gerda de Boer.