Betty Jane’s visit.

The St. Charles Lwanga family is very grateful to Betty Jane, she has been very instrumental to the children and the staff members where she has formed a very strong music team which she teaches how to play different organs like the guitar. She has also helped the children in their spiritual growth where she journeys with them in their prayers and also during mass. The St. Charles Lwanga fraternity is very grateful to her for her kind and generous donation of plastic chairs which are being used in the chapel during the mass and the students without having to carry their desk along. God Bless you Betty Jane.

Opening of the year mass

During the week the school organized for an opening of the year mass where the school gathers the guardians and the children for a prayer session as the year begins. This is a very remarkable event at the school as it marks a new beginning with a lot of vigor in all the activities of the school e.g., education, co-curriculum amongst other programs.

Experiential Thursday

This is a Thursday every student anxiously waits for. It’s day in which the students go out of class routine and practice what they are best at. It’s an educative session where there is a theme for the day to teach the youth on how well they can relate to the outside world. The teachers too also join hands with the students and they are able to guide the student effectively to crown the day.

To sum it all, we are very grateful to Chalice foundation, Inverness County Cares, and all people of good will for extending a supportive hand towards the school and enabling the smooth of all the programs. God Bless you.