The 2016 academic year has finally come to an end and the children are engaged in different activities such as the workshops, seminar and sports, while  the form fours are preparing for their final examination which will start on 7th Nov 2016. On 24th October 2016 we celebrated our Christmas and the children were highly engaged in the preparation for the day. The celebration was a sign of unity as we were able to share different and special meals such as chapattis, vegetables and beef stew which made the children very excited. The entertainment was crowned with Christmas songs, traditional songs, drama, comedy and poems that brought much joy and happiness to us at the St. Charles Lwanga family.
We the St. Charles Lwanga fraternity are much grateful to Chalice Foundation in collaboration with Inverness County Cares for their continued support to St. Charles Lwanga that includes Christmas  celebration. We appreciate all our benefactors, well-wishers and friends for their good will in enabling the smooth running of our school programs.Thank you
Report prepared by :
Florence Maina
Social worker
St. Charles Lwanga children Centre