The school is running on well with the form four students still continuing with their final examination. We are much grateful to Chalice foundation in collaboration with Inverness County Cares for their support in the construction of the latrines. The students are very happy with the latrines as they have helped them improve on their hygiene.
We are very happy to receive visitors from Vermont :Emily Guo, Mary Lynn Riggs, Jane and Sam Hugen, who had wonderful and great interaction with our students. We are grateful to our visitors for  the gifts they brought to the staff and the children and also for their  wonderful gesture to work with us and their university on the exchange program where our students can visit their school and their students can visit our school. We also thank Sam Hagun for agreeing to work with us on improving the agricultural practice in our school garden. This will help improve on vegetable production in the garden.
We are much grateful to Emily Guo for her generous donation towards buying a piece of land in Homabay county which is the new proposed site for Lwanga Children. Emily donated $1500 USD which is going to buy  0.22 acres of land. There are 4  more acres  of  land remaining within the same piece of land we wish to buy in the area where the cost of one acre is 3000USD, we appeal for support in purchasing the land so as to avoid losing the land. The area  is good for agriculture as it has good black cotton soil and reliable  rainfall. The site will be of great benefit to the children as they will be in a position to learn new agricultural methods and other skills from the school that will empower them for their future lives. Emily has great interest in working with the community and this will help her and others to work closely and have interaction with the community members.
We St. Charles Lwanga family are much grateful to our visitors and all our benefactors for their good will towards our school.
Thank you

Report prepared by :
Florence Maina
Social worker
St. Charles Lwanga children Centre