The week has been so wonderful with the students participating actively in their outdoor classrooms. The experiential learning processes was a shock to the teachers as they were very surprised with the great minds and ideas the students developed within a very short time. Every student was actively engaged in an activity that influenced or transformed the society positively. Some of the ideas were on hygiene and recycling the available resources among others. The best groups and individuals were rewarded with academic materials to encourage them in their classwork.

The hygiene Group

The boys were very creative in coming up with a system where the other students could clean their hands without having to open the taps with dirty hands. This would help in reducing the common diseases e.g. diarrhea.

Virtual connections with the world to address Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)

Early this week, the students had an opportunity to connect virtually with other students in the world especially those from Vermont and address the UN Sustainable Development Goals which aim at zero hunger, promotes education to all and clean water among others. It was a very interesting moment for children to share ideas with other children in the world. They were very motivated to learn from each other and this geared them to plan on projects that they can work together to address the SDGS in their local societies.

The Teaching staff

Here are the St. Charles Lwanga teaching-staff who are very dedicated in serving the children and helping them live a meaningful life. They are all qualified from different universities in the country, which enables the school to offer quality education to the children. They have tirelessly and hopefully worked with the final class of this year in preparing them for their forthcoming national examination. We wish the candidates all the best in their examination.

Finally, we wish to thank all our benefactors and well-wishers for their continued support towards the school.

God Bless You and thank you.