This week has been a very joyous week as the students couldn’t hide their joy as they offloaded some boxes sent by friends of the school from Netherlands through Berend De Boer. The boxes contained some computers for the students which would help them in their computer lessons. The St.Charles Lwanga fraternity wish to express their sincere gratitude to friends from Netherlands for their kind and generous support towards the school through the computer donation. The staff and the students have promised to use the computers effectively to improve on technological classes.

Talent Thursday

“Talent Thursday” as the students calls it, is a day in which students and teachers gather together in the afternoon and each class is given a chance to perform their different talents. This Thursday the teachers carried the day with the theme Youth and Technology. The students were so excited on the various performances their teachers demonstrated. The day was a learning moment for the students in different areas such as stage management, poetry and narratives amongst others.

A brighter day for Mercy.

Mercy Anyango is in class six at Ayub Okoko primary school. She is the first born in a family of three siblings and her parents have no permanent job while the mother operates a small kiosk where she sells tomatoes and onions for their living. It was during this time that Brother Kennedy meet her as she was helping her mother in their kiosk, and curiosity got the better part of Brother Kennedy where he inquired why she wasn’t in school. Mercy explained that she has been in and out of school due to lack of school fee as the small business her mother operates can’t pay her fees, medical and also support their daily and basic needs. Brother Kennedy promised to help her and today Mercy is rejoicing of an answered prayer as a person from Inverness County Cares decided to support her in her education, in memory of the demise of Brother Kennedy’s Uncle and Mr. Fredrick’s Brother. Thank you so much and may God bless you abundantly for lighting a candle in Mercy’s life.

Success story.

My name is Faith Atieno in form three at St. Charles Lwanga children Centre. I am an orphan as my parents passed on while we were still very young. We are eight siblings under the guardianship of our elderly grandmother who struggles through thick and thin to provide for our basic needs. I am happy I am in school as some of my elder brothers had to drop out of school to help my grandmother in providing for the family basic needs. I joined St. Charles Lwanga at a time when I had given up in life and had lost hope for a better tomorrow but since I joined the St Charles Lwanga School my life really changed and I have hope for a brighter future. At the Centre, I found Brother Kennedy, friends and teachers who are loving and caring, they build my self-esteem and also realize my talent as a designer. I am so proud of my school especially with the renovation of the new classes, which are very spacious, new desks and the new computers, which just arrived at the school. Much appreciation goes to Brother Kennedy, Chalice foundation, Inverness County Cares, friends from Netherlands, Berend De Boer and all good people for putting a smile on our faces through your donations and support towards our school. God Bless you.

Containers from the Netherlands

New computers from the Netherlands

With the hat is Brother Christopher

Madam Ann presenting a narrative

Mercy Anyango

Faith Atieno