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Loss of Stanley Wanjala

St. Charles Lwanga Children’s Centre and Secondary School and community at large, lost a very hardworking form one student, 14 year old, Stanley Wanjala. He passed over, on the 17th of March 2017 at 7:00 PM at Kakamega referral hospital in Kakamega town, Kenya. Three siblings, his mother and numerous relatives survive him. His family lived in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya. His death came unexpectedly. Stanley’s funeral service will take place Saturday March 25th, in Magoo, Kenya and he will be laid to rest in a family plot near his grandparent’s home. We all extend our sincerest sympathies to Stanley’s family and friends.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Chalice Critical needs fund for this funeral, will soon find a location on the Chalice websites address this need.

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We all extend our sincerest sympathies to Stanley’s family and friends.

New Chapel and Betty Jane

St Charles Lwanga Report. By Florence Wairimu Maina

The week has been great at St. Charles Lwanga Children Centre Secondary School. The construction of a chapel by the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga was a great part of the week. The Chapel was built in a short amount of time. It will be a prayer hall and a place to conduct the mass for the Brothers together with the students and thus is a great part of the community. There is currently the need for 250 armless plastic chairs for the Chapel and one chair would cost Ksh 800 and this would mean that we would need Ksh 200,000 (approx. 1950 USD) for all the chairs for the chapel.

The new Chapel built by the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga
The Inverness County Hall has continued to be used as a prayer room as well as a class for the form 1. It however needs renovation as the floor has started to break off. We continue to face a challenge with our classes because they are all in a terrible condition. They are very small and are made of temporal material that is iron sheets and thus they are very hot in the afternoon to the extent that the students have to study outside and under the trees.

The students are getting involved in school program and are working well with their teachers and their study groups. We however face a challenge when it comes to the desks. There are very few desks compared to the 280 children in the Centre and therefore most of them have to write from their laps or improvise sitting spaces.

The students improvising writing space due to lack of desks
The students also had a club showcase on Thursday together with their teachers. The whole school assembled and all the clubs gave a presentation about what their club is about, the officials were introduced and the teachers for each club also had an opportunity to present an item with them. The brief event was held in order to formally introduce the new form 1 class members to the clubs for them to decide the ones they would be interested in joining. It was also important to have this event for the purpose of preparing for the Charity Talent Show Day on Saturday. The Charity Talent Show Day will be held to support the students in meeting some of their needs in school.
We received a guest on Thursday 2nd Feb 2017, Betty Jane from Nova Scotia, Canada arrived at 9pm. She was welcomed by Brother Kennedy and some students at the Airport and received a greater welcome in the compound. She was glad to come back since her last visit in March 2016. She will be with us for the next 6 weeks interacting with the students and mainly teaching Music. The students are excited to enroll in her music classes.

Betty Jane teaching music

The Saturday Charity talent show Day was very successful. The morning occasion was well attended by the director, students and teachers with their families. They’re very interesting items that were performed and lots of music and dancing. The best part of the day was the fashion show. The participants showed a great level of creativity in all their outfits.

Fashion show on the charity talent show day.

Inverness County Cares and Chalice are so very proud of our students. All students passed their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Schools (KCSE) exams and three exceptional students have earned distinction by earning full government scholarships to prestigious Kenyan universities.

It is with much happiness, that we St. Charles Lwanga family celebrate the success of our students. Our 2016 candidates sat for their final examination and they brought about clean sheets that the school has never attained before. We are proud of these geniuses who have made the school and the whole community shine brighter than before. We appreciate each and everybody’s hand of support that you gave us to acquire and make this great step forward. We are so excited. Most sincerely we thank the Inverness County Cares and Chalice foundation for their timely support towards our school. It is through the provision of quality education, good feeding program, proper medical care, provision of sanitary towels for the girls that our students were able to do exemplary well. We have some of our students joining the public universities. We also appreciate the other students, the brothers, teachers and subordinate for creating good environment for the candidates.
These are our students who passed highly and will be given direct entry to the universities. To sum it all we are much grateful to all our benefactors and friends for their continued support towards our school, may God bless you.
Thank you

 These are our students who passed highly and will be given direct entry to the universities.

Cathline Agufana

Nancy Morina

Martin Mungai

November Report

The school is running on well with the form four students still continuing with their final examination. We are much grateful to Chalice foundation in collaboration with Inverness County Cares for their support in the construction of the latrines. The students are very happy with the latrines as they have helped them improve on their hygiene.
We are very happy to receive visitors from Vermont :Emily Guo, Mary Lynn Riggs, Jane and Sam Hugen, who had wonderful and great interaction with our students. We are grateful to our visitors for  the gifts they brought to the staff and the children and also for their  wonderful gesture to work with us and their university on the exchange program where our students can visit their school and their students can visit our school. We also thank Sam Hagun for agreeing to work with us on improving the agricultural practice in our school garden. This will help improve on vegetable production in the garden.
We are much grateful to Emily Guo for her generous donation towards buying a piece of land in Homabay county which is the new proposed site for Lwanga Children. Emily donated $1500 USD which is going to buy  0.22 acres of land. There are 4  more acres  of  land remaining within the same piece of land we wish to buy in the area where the cost of one acre is 3000USD, we appeal for support in purchasing the land so as to avoid losing the land. The area  is good for agriculture as it has good black cotton soil and reliable  rainfall. The site will be of great benefit to the children as they will be in a position to learn new agricultural methods and other skills from the school that will empower them for their future lives. Emily has great interest in working with the community and this will help her and others to work closely and have interaction with the community members.
We St. Charles Lwanga family are much grateful to our visitors and all our benefactors for their good will towards our school.
Thank you

Report prepared by :
Florence Maina
Social worker
St. Charles Lwanga children Centre

November 05th, 2016

The 2016 academic year has finally come to an end and the children are engaged in different activities such as the workshops, seminar and sports, while  the form fours are preparing for their final examination which will start on 7th Nov 2016. On 24th October 2016 we celebrated our Christmas and the children were highly engaged in the preparation for the day. The celebration was a sign of unity as we were able to share different and special meals such as chapattis, vegetables and beef stew which made the children very excited. The entertainment was crowned with Christmas songs, traditional songs, drama, comedy and poems that brought much joy and happiness to us at the St. Charles Lwanga family.
We the St. Charles Lwanga fraternity are much grateful to Chalice Foundation in collaboration with Inverness County Cares for their continued support to St. Charles Lwanga that includes Christmas  celebration. We appreciate all our benefactors, well-wishers and friends for their good will in enabling the smooth running of our school programs.Thank you
Report prepared by :
Florence Maina
Social worker
St. Charles Lwanga children Centre

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