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February Report from Betty Jane Cameron

On January 8, 2018, Betty Jane Cameron, Inverness County Cares member and extraordinary grandmother, nurse, midwife and music teacher departed on her 3rd trip to volunteer at the St Charles Lwanga Secondary School (SCLSS) in Ruai, Nairobi, Kenya. She checked in to Halifax airport with very minimum personal baggage but brought 9 bags of clothing, personal items and many musical instruments donated by the generous people of her surrounding communities. Betty Jane at 80 years, although very fit and energetic, finds it much more convenient to travel through the airport in a wheel chair. Imagine Br Kennedy’s dismay and surprise when on their first meeting three years ago, she arrived in a wheelchair. Much to his relief she proved herself exceptionally fit and is blessed with amazing stamina. This January her flight was diverted and Betty Jane and her 9 bags took separate flight paths. After several days of anxiety all nine bags arrived at the school.
Communications from Betty Jane.
“January 11/18. I got here about 4pm Wednesday and was royally welcomed by the entire School with cheers and hugs. It was worth the whole very long trip. There is no sign of any baggage but a tracer is hopefully working its magic. Today is day 4 in the same clothes, but I did wash in a bucket… I feel right at home both here and home in Mabou where (due to power outages) there was no water for three days. I am doing more medical work this year. I also am sharing the small dorm with the assistant administrator who is a good friend and it feels like a palace! I am so pleased that I remembered almost all the student’s names when I arrived.
January 17/18. Hi everyone, I’m halfway through week 2, very busy and very happy to be here. I am constantly tuning string instruments. Today I did a wash to everyone’s surprise. The Form 1’s have arrived and I have taught them health, geography, and basic music beats with drums, percussion and dance. We had lots of fun. I also teach health and PE to all classes weekly. We have music after school daily – so far recorder and guitar. The choir director is going to live here and study, and we are working on theory and each instrument so he can carry on all year. This Friday I go to another parish to do pastoral visiting and counseling with the sick and elderly, and will be there a week. I miss you all but really feel that I belong to this community too and love the people and the work.
January 24/18. I was away all week visiting a parish. The pictures give some idea of what we did. I taught young children, visited many elderly and sick folk, conducted a marriage encounter class, attended the anointing of a dying man, two baptisms followed by their wedding two days later and worked with the catechists They wanted me to stay, but back at SCLSS they greeted me like I was gone a year! Say hi to all. Love Betty Jane.”

New School Year

Betty Jane’s visit.

The St. Charles Lwanga family is very grateful to Betty Jane, she has been very instrumental to the children and the staff members where she has formed a very strong music team which she teaches how to play different organs like the guitar. She has also helped the children in their spiritual growth where she journeys with them in their prayers and also during mass. The St. Charles Lwanga fraternity is very grateful to her for her kind and generous donation of plastic chairs which are being used in the chapel during the mass and the students without having to carry their desk along. God Bless you Betty Jane.

Opening of the year mass

During the week the school organized for an opening of the year mass where the school gathers the guardians and the children for a prayer session as the year begins. This is a very remarkable event at the school as it marks a new beginning with a lot of vigor in all the activities of the school e.g., education, co-curriculum amongst other programs. The children were happy to Brother Kennedy for organizing such a prayerful event for them.

Experiential Thursday

This is a Thursday every student anxiously waits for. It’s day in which the students go out of class routine and practice what they are best at. It’s an educative session where there is a theme for the day to teach the youth on how well they can relate to the outside world. The teachers too also join hands with the students and they are able to guide the student effectively to crown the day.

To sum it all, we are very grateful to Chalice foundation, Inverness County Cares, Brother Kennedy and all people of good will for extending a supportive hand towards the school and enabling the smooth of all the programs. God Bless you.

University of Vermont Workshops at St Charles Lwanga and Rodi Communituy

Education for improved life style

It’s with much joy and happiness in our hearts that we wish to express our gratitude to the UVM students together with their lecturers for their transforming workshop that they conducted in our communities. The St Charles Lwanga (SCL) and Rodi community will forever be grateful for the great impact you made in their lives especially with the purchase of a water tank that will help the children in Rodi have access to safe and clean water for drinking. The workshop was a full course experience on water purification, health, culture and women health. The whole process was very engaging and this gave us a chance to learn from each other. The interaction and the sharing created wonderful memories in our hearts that keeps us moving on our daily lives.

The health group with Dr. Farryl

This was a very wonderful group well-coordinated by Dr. Farryl, the students really learned a lot on how they can improve their health by cleaning their hands frequently with soap which they can easily make by themselves and learning to clean their teeth with very affordable home made toothpaste. Both the soap and the toothpaste are environmental friendly therefore good for our health. We are happy that the students at SCL are making more soap and helping the needy children at the school.

The bicycle group by Dr. Jane and Jeff

This was a very interesting group as so many people could not believe the magic power in a bicycle. It was so amazing on how helpful the bicycle can be in generating power to charge the cell phones and also in making smoothies that the young children in Rodi can use to feed on.

The water group by Engineer Peter.

This was an awesome group, Engineer Peter with the help of Thomas coordinated and managed their group well where the students learned so much on water purification, gave them a chance to review the 3 year plan and also came up with more strategies on water purification and conservation.

Women health by DR. Mary Lynn

This was an amazing group well coordinated and organized by Mary Lynn who journeyed with the women throughout the workshop. She went an extra mile of even visiting them at their homes to exactly understand what they really need to better their lives. Certificates crowned the workshop, which was really an encouragement to the women.

To sum it all, once again thank you for you kind and generous support towards our projects, we pray that our partnership may grow stronger where we can touch more people and improve their livelihood in one way or another.

Thank you and God bless you



University of Vermont Visit and Betty Jane’s Arrival


Students’ promotion to the next class and admission of new students 

The year has started on so well with all the children getting a promotion to the next class, they are filled with much joy and energy to start the new class syllabus. The teachers too are also set for the new term and have set a new gear to ensure there is quality education and students excel in their studies. New students are also streaming in to join the form one class. The students are very happy and are welcoming the new students with much love and care.


The UVM Visitors

Early in the term the St.Charles Lwanga family were very happy and excited to receive the University of Vermont (UVM) visitors. The students and their lecturers had a very educative moment with the students from St Charles Lwanga (SCL). The several topics they discussed were, water purification, health, culture and preparation of smoothies. The topics were very informative as the students learnt so much on how to make their own soap and tooth paste which were environmental friendly and also cost effective. The students were so happy and promised to impact the same knowledge to the community, especially those in remote areas who can afford a bar of soap and tooth paste to brush their teeth. The group later moved to the western part of the country where they taught the community the same topics and educated the women on women’s health. All the participants were awarded certificates as a sign of successful completion of the workshop. Thank you UVM visitors for such a wonderful experience with the SCl students and Homabay community .

UVM students working with SCL students with the help of their lecturers in different groups of culture and water purification.

The group later moved to Homabay and impacted the same knowledge to the community members and offered them certificates.


Betty Jane’s Arrival

“Welcome ,welcome, Betty Jane,”the students sang as they welcomed Betty Jane in the school. They played different musical instruments such as flute, guitar and drums as they welcomed her. She was so excited to be back and promised to continue with her musical classes and also help the children in their spiritual growth and their hygiene.

Feeding program

The feeding program is on going with Brother Kennedy stocking the store for the new term. The students were very happy as they off loaded the food stuffs. This serves as an encouragement to them as most of them can’t afford three meals a day in their families.

Youth workshop

During the holiday the children were engaged in a very productive workshop where they discussed several topics, among them were drug and substance abuse, sexuality, youth and technology. This was a transforming moment to the children and they promised to teach other students so that we can have a health community. The workshop was very successful and was later crowned by issuing of certificates as a sign of completion of the workshop.

To sum it all, we are very grateful to all the benefactors, UVM visitors, Brother Kennedy and all friends of good will for their continued support towards the school.

May God Bless you all.

Thank you.

Kenyan Christmas

My name is Athman Shee a students at St. Charles Lwanga children Centre. Allow me to share how Christmas celebrations are conducted in Kenya and most especially in our school.

Our Christmas celebration is a time when people come together in remembrance of Christ’s birth, a day believed to be holy and full of a joy that lightens the whole world. The day is highly valued here in Kenya as Christians spend their nights in churches and worship places, waiting for this moment. People sing Christmas hymns such as Mary’s Boy child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day, Christmas, Christmas Everybody Sing” with a lot of dances and ululations (quickly repeated loud sounds, often to express joy and happiness or sorrow) especially at midnight welcoming the birth of Jesus. Christmas is very important day and people do a lot of decorations mostly in churches, but also in homes, shopping centres, supermarkets and some commodities have labels on them to wish people merry Christmas. About 70% of Kenya populations are Christians and this makes the Christians celebration lively and outstanding.

The Santa Claus tradition is not common in Kenya, instead people concentrate on family gatherings and celebration the birth of Christ. A typical Kenyan family celebrates the Christmas day, by going to mass. Some people will go for the midnight mass especially the young people while other attend the morning mass. People invite friends especially all their family members, they make a Christmas tree in their homes and then a lot of cooking takes place of chapattis, stews amongst other meals. During this festive season there are so many people in the villages.

Christmas at St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School and Children’s Centre is celebrated in a very special way and touching way. Brother Kennedy organizes a great celebration for the students in which he also invites other children outside the school who can barely afford their daily bread to celebrate together. Prior before the day the students organize songs and dances to grace the occasion. During this day a lot of cooking takes places where a special diet is prepared of chapattis, rice, green peas, roasted potatoes, beef, vegetables, juices and people eat to their fullest.

Our most sincere gratitude goes to Brother Kennedy, Inverness County Cares, Chalice and all our benefactors for their generous sacrifice in putting a smile in every child at St. Charles Lwanga.

Thank you

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